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RE: views on rescues

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Posted by: Katrina at Mon Mar 20 05:51:08 2006  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Katrina ]  

Please re-read my message. You mentioned buying from a breeder, which may be a hobbyist or a business (think Bob Clark), and that's what I was referring to when I said BUSINESS. You said that a breeder (again let's say we're talking about Bob Clark) doesn't charge you for the vet care and food that an animal recieves, but he does or else he couldn't make a profit.

As far as rescues charging a fee, how many people do you think can afford to spend an extra $1000, $2000, or double or triple that on community service every year? That's basically what rescue does, is community service. And why shouldn't a rescue break even monitarily (there's no way a rescue could break even in man hours)? I don't, but why is it wrong that someone who spends so much time helping other people and their animals should have to spend all of their own money doing it? Private animal shelters HAVE to break even, and municipal animal shelters have to stay within a budget, or else they couldn't afford to operate. Why should a home-based rescue be considered any different? Let's say a rescuer has $1000 he can afford to spend out of his own pocket a year on taking in and finding new homes for displaced pets. Some of those animals will be with him a few days, some a few years. Some will need nothing more than food, water, space, and heat, others will need hundreds of dollars in veterinary care, special feedings, special substrate, and hours in medication and rehab. Once that $1000 is up, he can't take in any more animals. So, if he charges a fee, he can afford to help more animals than if he didn't charge a fee.

Again, there's that thought that you should charge SOMETHING for an animal, so that it is valued more by the person taking it. I'm not of that thought, but a lot of rescuers are.

As for DHL, they are the ONLY shipper that knowingly ships turtles. I have associates and friends who work in zoos and aquariums, and they only use DHL or Delta Dash to ship turtles. The only problem I've had with DHL (a.k.a. Airborne) in seven years and aproximately 30-40 turtles shipped in that time was a few packages that arrived an hour late, and I or the reciever received a refund if the package arrived late.

As for the USPS, you can ship lizards legally.


Posted by: pythonis at Mon Mar 20 01:45:18 2006
well i agree with you on some things but first of all im shocked that anyone would ever use DHL ("delivers hours late" to ship after the track record they have. it isnt against the law to ship animals through overnight shipping companies provided you have a specific account. yes it is illegal to mail them through the post office but not through a shipping company.

second, what do you mean by "make a profit"? i thought we were discussing rescues not businesses. a rescue should not be trying to make a profit or even break even. a rescue should use the money out of their own pockets (not meaning money from contributions but from earning money at an actual job) and when someone comes and says "i want to adopt this animal" the response from the rescue should be "here is the animal. i have gotten it back into good health. please care for it as much as i have or more." no money needed or asked for. contributions if you accept them but to charge is just wrong. even if it is just to "help with the business". to some people all they want is to adopt the animal in question and that is it. they dont care about your business or the rest of the animals. all they want is to adopt that animal and give lots of time and attentuion to it...not your "business" (oh im sorry...rescue)


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