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New Forums - PLEASE READ

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Posted by: phwyvern at Wed Jul 30 18:38:26 2003  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by phwyvern ]  

Welcome to the new Kingsnake Canada Forums.

Please read all of the information provided in this message to help assist you during this transition time. You can also find additional help topics in the Feedback & Help Area.

As you may or may not have known, the various Pet Hobbyist sites have been transitioning over to a new forum/message board system. The time has finally arrived for the launch of the Kingsnake Canada forums.

You can now find the new Forums here:

Since this forum system is not compatible with the old one, we will not be able to transfer messages from the 'old' forums over to the 'new' ones, though you are welcome to copy and paste your own messages from the old forums over to the new ones if you wish to carry over some current discussions.

We will be archiving the old forums and links will be provided that lead to the archived area. The archived old forums will be locked out for posting to (but can still be read) by people.

For information about many of the new features and changes to the forums, please read the Frequently Asked Questions page. Also check out the Using Tools & Toys page outlining how to use some of the new features. You should print that page out to keep handy next to the computer until you become familiar with using some of the syntax.

Please let us know if there are any technical difficulties with the New Forums by filling out the Feedback Form. To fill it out this form, you will be prompted to log in with your username and password.


New Stuff

As you may have noticed we have greatly expanded the number of forums from 5 to over 25 here on Kingsnake Canada.

We have a forum specifically set up for members to make 'test posts' that allows you to learn, play around with, and generally experiment with all of the new features of the forums: Testing Forum Tools & Toys. Members posting off-topic 'test' posts in the discussion forums may find their posts moved (without warning/notice) to the Testing forum where such posts properly belong.

There is also a forum specifically setup for members to use for holding off-topic / open-topic / non-herp topic discussions. This forum is designed to help prevent disruption on the discussion forums sometimes caused by these types of posts. Please remember to visit the Open Discussion Forum for your off-topic stuff. Off-topic posts found on the discussion forums may be moved (without warning/notice) over to the Open Discussion forum if it is deemed overly disruptive to the general flow of conversation.


Terms of Service Reminder

Please read the Terms of Service to understand what is or is not permitted on the discussion forums. If you find a post on any of the discussion forums that is possibly/definitely in violation of the site rules, you may report it by clicking on the 'report abuse' link that is found on every message near the author's name.

These forums are for informational purposes only and are moderated. We ask that you refrain from making personal attacks against individuals or companies. Anything considered disruptive, abusive or obscene will be removed.

One item of major concern is about advertising:

Advertising, is not allowed here. Solicitations of sale/trade, or announcements that you are giving something/an animal away, or wanting to receive free giveaways is considered advertising. Posting the same message to more than 4 forums/message boards (crossposting/spamming) is also considered advertising (unless it is done with the prior consent of OnlineHobbyist staff). Any post deemed to be of an advertising nature will be removed from the discussion forums. Announcements about upcoming events/shows/expos/etc. are to be posted on the Meetings, Events, & Shows Forum.

In other words, advertising properly belongs in the Classified Forums area. This includes website announcements (ex: 'check out my new site'). Please visit the Classified Forums for your advertising needs.

Keep in mind that the Classified Forums have their own set of rules / terms of service separate from the rules of the discussion forums. A classified account entitles the account holder the ability to post up to 3 ads per day per section among any/all of the pethobbyist related classified sites (example: the site alone has 8 sections within its site so theoretically as many as 24 ads per day would be allowed there). Fees are staggered in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month increments so if someone is not willing to pay ~$20 for 1 months' worth of advertising space, then they are certainly free to go elsewhere. Advertising on the discussion forums will not be tolerated regardless of any perceived 'special circumstances' that someone might feel entitles them to post outside of the classified areas.

We hope that you enjoy your stay here!


PHWyvern Forum Leader
InsectHobbyist Site Coordinator/Forum Leader
ExoticHobbyist Site Coordinator/Forum Leader

PetHobbyist Community


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