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RE: Hi guys!

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Posted by: Bob1515 at Sat Mar 24 02:22:46 2007  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Bob1515 ]  

Hello guys!
Thanks for the responses, I wasn't expecting them tonight! First let me say that, since out of the shower and back in the slightly improved tank, they are all brilliantly colored and seem fairly calm and "relaxed." Not in a bad, stressed seeming way, just that they are in different places when I check on them and they have visited the H2O bowl and are perched on various places, really makes me happy to see. I will DEFINITELY try the worms. I tried small earthworms which they didn't go for, though that was the first night so they probably wouldn't have taken anything.

Jobi, that is a wonderful piece of advice about the back tracking with husbandry. In all the years I have been keeping herps, that never really occurred to me with lizards before. Duh! Frogs yes, in a slightly different way... but it was really one of those "the lights are on but no one is home" kind of moments . If they continue to refuse food, I will do that. Though, if they keep their color like the way they are now, and seem to settle down a bit (ad of course eat), I may not need to. I really don't mean to ignore any of your advice, I am just going to wait and see if it will even be necessary. I will check them tomorrow for eye color, I don't want to stress them more tonight. From the snouts, any thoughts on sex?

Spawn, I don't mean to go out on a limb here, but are you by any chance "Murdock" on the Repticzone forum? I would be willing to bet you are... I post occasionally there, not too much, more a "ghoster" there. I don't really have time. People talk about having a zoo, I would bet that between you me and jobi we could open a whole theme park! Thanks so much for the meal worm tip, I will pick some up tomorrow. I cannot tell you how happy I would be if they ate for me!!! I am really glad you thought they looked good. I really was lucky to stumble across them at a herp store, they really looked good, so I thought I'd give it a go! As with all these tree agamids, it seems that pics don't really do any justice to their color. All of them right now are gorgeous! Hopefully they stay that way.

As stressful or not as it may be, I really think the shower trick is worthwhile! They all seem so content. I know that may sound a little weird to say, but they just seem to be in nice spots, one is basking, the other is resting on the leaves, and the last is sitting on the rim of the H2O bowl. Really makes me happy to see what I think are healthy animals. They aren't quite as pretty as the Acanthosaura armata yet, but they sure close to it! I really, really hope they do well for me. I am looking in to getting a bigger tank. Especially if they don't eat the worms, I have a gut feeling (aided of course by the input of you and jobi) that they would probably eat in a more spacious environment.

Well guys, thanks so much for all your great tips. As always, I cannot express my gratitude. I will of course keep you posted and let you know if they go for the worms tomorrow. If they seem to flighty tomorrow to eat the worms, I will cover the tank, as suggested, and check through a peephole. Thanks again for all the help you two have given me. Especially as back up ideas, and as background tips. Take care, and I'll TTYL!



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