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RE: BRB Genetics

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Posted by: rainbowsrus at Mon May 7 00:41:23 2007  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by rainbowsrus ]  

Hi Danielle,

There is a Rainbow Boa forum on KS where this might be better replied to but I can give you some info here. There are three known simple recessive morphs at this time along with several polygenic or line bred visual pattern anomalies.

Simple recessive morphs are:

Hypomelanistic. Two known lines and one (that I know of) possible new line. Mike Lockwood of tooscaley reptiles produced the first know hypomelanistic BRB from two siblings he bought from EBV. Nobody knew of the morph back then and in all probability the babies he bought each received their recessive gene from the same parent. Mike sold the first litter back to EBV and they used them to start the EBV line that is the most common at this time. Some examples:

Hypo Dottie (Produced by Mike)

Hypo Dumbo (also produced by Mike)

Hypo Mickey (Produced by Exotics by nature from EBV stock)

There is also a Darren Bell line I have no details about. I believe they are from a different source and don't know if any work has been done to see if they are compatible.

The third line is from a gravid, wild caught female. She dropped her litter at the distributor in Florida. Don't know if he directly imported her or if he just ended up with her before dropping her litter. Either way, her litter of 8 babies contained a wicked looking striped hypo. Stripes like I've never seen on a BRB before. I liked the hypo so much I purchased the entire group, mom and 8 babies. I'll be raising the group for a couple of years and then will be working with them to determine who is het for what through breeding trials. I hope not only to prove out the hypo but also to recreate the striping.

Some pics:

New Hypo female "Genevieve"

The second known recessive morph is Anerythristic. There are a couple of lines out there but I am only familiar with the one from Brian Sharp. I like his because they seem to retain their baby colors better including the white crescent. I have a couple of them and more on order from this years coming babies.

Some pics:

Anery from Brian Sharp "Tawney"

Last "known" morph is the elusive albino BRB. Purportedly Outback reptiles has one or more and if so is of course working towards producing more. Will have to wait and see on this one.

Lastly are the polygenic pattern morphs. There are a few now with more possibly coming:

Bullseye where the crescents in the ocelli are full and complete to the point where they connect at the bottom and form complete circles.

A second pattern morph is eclipse where there is no crescent at all:

One more recently produced is blush where the crescent is speckled and scattered through the ocelli:

There are various others, Jeff Clark has some "Clown phase" where the side ocelli are very large and distorted, unfortunately he has not been successful at producing more.

Dave Colling

0.1 Wife (WC and still very fiesty)
0.2 kids (CBB, a big part of our selective breeding program)

LOL, to many snakes to list, last count:
20.28 BRB
14.18 BCI
And those are only the breeders

lots.lots.lots feeder mice and rats


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