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RE: Hybrid Possibility Info Please......

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Posted by: nile_keepr at Thu Jul 26 03:11:03 2007  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by nile_keepr ]  

"So I assume you believe in abortion too?? B/c that is exactly what you are suggesting. I'm sorry, but an accidental breeding is not the offspring's fault."

Abortion is one thing; as with humans, people do it for completely different reasons (because the parents are unfit, because the child was a result of something 'bad', etc.) which tend to have more to do with the emotional state of the child throughout its life, and the ability of its parents to raise it properly.

As such, this situation has nothing to do with said topic. Reptiles are not raised by their parents, and are not subject to emotional trauma as a result of not having a secure parent figure.

That person (though poorly stated) was stating that its not good to do whats taking place here- be it on purpose or 'by accident'. And personally, I think thats BS. You could easily house a white line in its own enclosure; and after a year you SHOULD have given it its own enclosure. Im not going to try to figure out your reasoning, because it could be something as innocent as not wanting to buy a new cage, to something as sneaky as wanting this whole thing to happen in the first place and just coming on here saying you didnt.

There are a number of risks in creating a hybrid. In terms of scientific views, the paramount risk is diluting the gene pool over time- something you may not think would happen; but it IS possible if your new creations survived and others attempted what you had.

From a moral standpoint, I dont think anyone with half a brain can disagree that messing with 'life' on such a basic level is something man kind should aspire to avoid. In this case, you can say 'who is it going to hurt?' and, chances are, the answer is 'Nobody." But just because you arent causing something phsyical harm, dosnt mean its RIGHT to do what youre doing. As a human, you should be happy with what nature provided; rather than trying to 'improve' upon it. I realize that you could say 'well, nature provided these eggs; im not trying to improve upon nature, im just trying to keep them alive."

But the truth is, nature DIDNT provide these eggs- they are the result of a horny male lizard taking advantage of a female of another species to quench his testosterone-driven libido; something that would not/could not have occured unless you had made it occur (by forcing them into contact and not allowing the white lined a mode of overall escape).

Basically, its rape. And for the record, YES, i DO agree with abortion if the child is the result of a rape. (while I realize that much of reptile mating could be seen as rape from this perspective; i see interspecies mating as a different matter, as likely the female knows that something isnt right with the situation, but cannot do anything due to being overpowered by said horny male- ive handled both adult male crestys and adult white lined, and there would be no problem for a large male cresty to overpower and mate with a female white line)

Snuffing out a few eggs removes the risk of gene-pool dilution. And a question here. You say
'If they were deformed and what not it would be a different story. I would not choose for them to suffer.'

And I ask you, how do you propose to know they are deformed before they hatch? Because they are already suffering long before that, if that IS the case. And what do you propose to do if they ARE deformed? THEN you dont have a problem killing them? Just so long as YOU got the chance to see if they MIGHT make something different?

Seems like you are doing this more becasue you wanna see what will come of it, rather than because you dont feel comfortable simply destroying the eggs, seperating the animals, and moving on.

Man's interference in natures design has become steadily more and more commonplace- from the hybridization of pet animals, to the manipulation of genetic material to benefit man.

Just because it happens, dosnt make it right.


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