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tree dragon very inactive...

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Posted by: reesevc at Mon Oct 29 09:53:42 2007  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by reesevc ]  

hey everyone, new here...

i just recently procured a beautiful tree dragon agama from it seemed very active when i first got it... now... not so much, but i feel there is reason for it, yet i fear the worst that she is not adjusting well and she hasn't eaten or moved for sometime.

now.. for the explanations and my theories:

first setup was a 36" tall setup with the screen on the side, not on the top b/c that's the only cage i had and could afford. least to say, i didn't like it because i couldn't see through the screen very well, didn't think the lizard could see it's food as i was putting in the crickets for it to eat because it was too high up in the branches, the setup for the uvb lights farther than i wanted it to be from the screen in order for it to be effective and hurt my eyes because they were so bright, and i soon found out that uvb rays don't have a very good ratio or percentage of getting through glass if i put them on top anyway, and, on top of that, it seemed that wherever i moved my uvb light fixture, the lizard would follow, so it was like it wanted it or needed it, or it was just plain annoyed by the brightness of it.

so i got fed up and freaked so i flipped the cage (while she was out of course) and setup the cage like it was meant to be, horizontal with the screen on top. she seemed to like this and could easily see the food when i put it in because she was closer to the ground and the crickets whilst dusted stood out blatantly. needless to say, this setup was on my desk next to my logitech thx speakers that i was very self-conscientious about at that time due to the lizard (i live in an apt., im a student, and my room is tiny, but i love lizards). knowing that the sound could maybe be affecting her as well as all the stimulation and movement from my computer screen i had while i was playing video games or doing even work, i thought she was getting scared because she'd go into the corner and stay there, and this is where i started to notice that for a few days she just stayed in one corner and that's it, didn't move much, nothing. she soon stopped eating and i thought it may be the lighting. because i had no pro-info on these lizards as to what temp they need, what lights they need, so i had the uva light going for her day light and the uvb as a constant (except at night of course) and no night lamp.

so once again, i moved her, from the top of my desk to the ground away from the speakers and away from the screen, i was only concerned about the sub woofer, but that is fairly far away now and is always set on low now. the setup is the same i had while the cage was horizontal, but now i added a waterfall for her to drink from (she had a watering dish but didn't seem to drink from it), and i read somewhere that tree dragons needed water movement stimulation in order for them to notice the water. my concern now is that she has stayed in one position and not moved an inch, - as to my knowledge - what am i doing wrong?

-have i moved her too much?
-should i just leave her be and see if she can acclimate?
it's winter now, will she go into hibernation? is that what she's -doing? and does she need a habitat for that?
-does she need both a uvb and uva light?
-have i traumatized my lizard too much?

need some answers, please, anything would do. thank you for your time.


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