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RE: can you put more than one male-part 2

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Posted by: Severa at Tue Mar 25 10:28:33 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Severa ]  

Quick recap and the outcome.

Both males grew together in the same enclosure. They were later upgraded to a heavily planted and cork barked riddled 55 gallon. No aggression had ever been witnessed.

In January, one was taken out of the enclosure and the female was introduced into the 55. She stayed in the enclosure for a little over a month with the single male. Pre-mating behavior was witnessed but copulation was never seen.

After 6 weeks, both male and female were taken out of the enclosure and were put in a smaller enclosure with attempts to witness copulation.

The lone male who was not part of the breeding project was reintroduced to his 55 gallon enclosure and had the run of the place for 2 weeks.

Under supervision, we re-introduced the male into the 55 gallon enclosure that was also housing the male that he had matured with. The introduction happened in the middle of the day and the male who currently occupied the enclosure was no where to be seen. In less than 5 minutes, the occupying male materialized out of nowhere and was fully aware of the presence of the other male. He was very confident in his moves and was licking everything though the newly introduced male had not journeyed more than 5 inches from where he was placed upon introduction. They were a good 15 inches from each other and both of them were on the defense.

What happened next all happened in a matter of seconds. I am not sure which of the two made the first move but 15 inches closed quickly. They collided and their jaws were attached to each other as they rolled around with their tails twisting about. I reached in to separate them. The "giant hand from the sky" caused them to let go of each other and one of them retreated to the left and the other went to the far right side of the 55 long where he climbed to the highest point. The gecko that ran to the left did the same, climbed to the highest point and peered to the right. Both of them were perched on opposite ends of the 55 on pieces of cork bark looking back in each others direction. They were also flamed up and displaying some incredible intensity of their colors.

At first we were nearly certain that it was just coincidental that they were looking in each others direction. They were 48 inches from each other…..though they were in clear view of each other their pupils were small as the day lamps were illuminating the 55 gallon. Could they really see each other? Then, the gecko on the left began to move and the gecko on the right reacted as they both started advancing on each other along the cork ledge that runs the top of the enclosure. We were completely taken at the amount of aggression these two had as they advanced on each other once again.

Before they could get to each other, I reached in and got a hold of one of them as he aggressively returned the favor of getting a hold of me. I placed him into a critter carrier as my friend began contemplating on how fast he could construct another enclosure. It was inevitable that despite the fact these two males grew from hatchlings to adulthood together, they will never be safely housed with each other ever again.

I really felt bad for my friend because he had to separate the two but I believe that this would have been inevitable. It seems pretty evident that we speeded the process up with using one of the males in a breeding project and exposed a virgin male to an enclosure once inhabited with a breeding female.

Just an FYI, both males are doing fine and none of them were hurt in their brief scuffle. Interesting enough, even though this took place nearly 2 weeks ago, the male he used in the breeding program is still a little aggressive as he bit my friend last weekend while being handled gently. I think he will eventually tame down in time though.

Hope this experience was of some value to those of you who wondered. It certainly was for us!



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