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Vivarium questions

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Posted by: fudrick at Fri Jul 18 23:06:55 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by fudrick ]  

Hey everyone. I frequently read many of the kingsnake forums, to gain knowledge about as many herps as I can. However, I really only post when I have a problem or question that I think the experts here can help me with. This time, it is about vivariums. Soecifically Terribilis or Azureus Dart Frog vivariums. I have always been interested in Dart Frogs, and recently my dad and I have been seriously considering getting a group of them, probably Teriibilis or Azureus. So, naturally, I have a few questions...

1. What would you Dart Frog guys out there recommend for me: Terribilis, Azureus, or something else completely? I am mostly a snake kind of guy, with several lizards as well, but Dart Frogs are so interesting and cool, and as you all know usually have some of the nicest looking vivariums. Most of my enclosures are pretty boring, some bedding, a water bowl, a hide, maybe a few logs or a fake plant. I really want to have an awesome looking vivarium that shocks people, along with some cool little inhabitants that add to the beauty. I would like to have one of the more stunning and active variety, not one of those drab (for Dart Frog standards, LOL) ones that hide whenever you enter the room. So after looking at about 60 species, I have narrowed it down to Terribilis and Azureus, or maybe Leucomelas, Pumilio, or Trivittatus. As for the size of the vivarium, it will be pretty big, I'll address that in my next question.

2. What would be a good tank size to start with? I was thinking maybe a 40 gallon, mostly since that is the biggest size background I could find, but I suppose I could make one. I dunno, 40 gallon doesn't seem big enough for what I want to do. If anyone could show me a larger background I would appreciate it.

3. I need advice, tips, and kind of a tutorial on making the vivarium. Ideally, I would have a slate or stone waterfall in the back left corner, that kind of flows down a little winding stream to the right 1/4 or 1/3 of the tank, which would be a little pool of water for the Frogs to drink from, and just to look cool. Sort of similar to this: , but a slate or stone stream instead of a cork one, and a taller waterfall as well. That site does have a tutorial, but it's kind of hard to tell what it's talking about sometimes. Also, after reading on the Dart Frog forums I saw that it is useflul to use a "false bottom" in vivariums with water features. I saw people discussing them, I didn't get the jist of exactly what it is. So, exactly what is a false bottom, why does it help, and how can I set it up?

4. One of the fundamental and important parts of a vivarium are the live plants. What living vines, moss, fungi (harmless of course), lichen, or other plants would be recommended, based on ease of setting up, minimal care, suitability for a Dart Frog enclosure, aesthetics, and helping the vivarium look more naturalistic?

5. I have heard of Dart Frogs living with other animals. What are some good, safe cagemates for Dart Frogs? I sort of doubt it, but would Mudskippers and Dart Frogs get along? From what I've read about both animals, I believe they would theoretically be able to, based on cage specs, but would they fight? As I said before, I am planning on having 1/4 to 1/3 of the vivarium as a mini pond, so don't forget about aquatic species. I am open to snakes, lizards, other amphibians, fish, turtles, anything that can live in harmony with Dart Frogs and is reasonable to take care of.

I think that's about it, I undoubtedly will have more questions as people reply, and as I read and think more about Dart Frogs.

I am posting this in a few different forums where I think people will be able to help me.


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