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RE: Another new guy...

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Posted by: PHFaust at Wed Jul 30 10:32:07 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHFaust ]  

>>Okay, thanks for the reply.
>>I'd like to ask a little more advice, though.
>>What do you think I should use as bedding?
>>Do you think I should try hand feeding it something more natural? Such as homegrown cantaloupe, corn, or tomatoes? And I should try to hand feed him, even though he act like that?
>>I might have more questions. I've picked up a few books and all that, and have read a lot of internet articles. But I find that I'm more prone to listen or learn if I'm able to ask questions or discuss it with a person.

The two books are are worth your time in any shape or fashion are
Iguanas for Dummies by Melissa Kaplan and Green Iguana; The Ultimate Owners Manual by James Hatfield. Those two books contain the most current up-to-date care information. Lordy when I look at my books, I even have a care book that was printed in 1973 that has a recipe for Iguana Stew in it, in case you get sick of your pet! I have been doing Iguanas for about 15 years now, and have read alot. I have also learned along the way with running a rescue and the rehab work involved. I swear by the information contained in these two books. If you didnt buy them, toss the ones you got out and get them! You will learn a lot.

I have never fed corn, simply because I know for a fact (and if you have ever had corn you know too) what goes in must come out. Corn is very hard to digest, period. I have always avoided tomatoes simply because of the acid level. If you go to this link there is a whole section on feeding. While many people dispute Melissa as a reference, her Iguana materials can not be touched. Melons are high in water content so I have always offered in limited amounts. These animals are from south america, so things like cactus pad are normal diet staples. If you have a hispanic market in your town, that is a good place to go for native foods like the cactus pads. Mangos are also a good fruit.

I personally never hand feed at home. My biggest thing is I do not want my hands associated with food in any manner. That may be the snake owner in me, but everything goes into their food dish and they take it from there.

I personally prefer newspaper or craft paper. Cheap, easy to dispose of. You can change daily and don't feel bad throwing it out! The drawback is it does shred, however because daily cage cleanings are often needed, it doesn't really have a chance to. Things that can be eaten are hard to spot clean, you may get the visible soiled part, but leave behind some other soiled parts. This can harbor bacteria. The other drawback is the ingestion of things. Iguanas taste everything. It is a lot harder for them to swallow a piece of newspaper than it is to swallow a bite size nuggest of wood chips. These items then remain in the gut and impact. If you prefer something more pretty, indoor/outdoor carpeting is an option. You take a butane torch and melt the ends to prevent fraying. Make a few pieces to fit and you can rotate between washing and the cage. I do want to warn you that the carpeting can NOT go through a washing machine. It makes a BIG mess.

Feel free to ask away. Ill do my best to answer what I can.

Email Cindy

Land of the Outcasts!


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