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Perhaps, a finale!

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Posted by: Somnius at Thu Jul 31 22:39:06 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Somnius ]  

Okay. So I took my old iguana back while I could and was told it had a skin disease. One look from the person working there and that was it. I had a feeling that it had a skin disease, which was what it was. I asked what they'd do for him and said they'd see what they could do for the disease and try to help him out. I dunno if there really is anything.

Now I have a new iguana. I picked him out after being given the opportunity of another one for free as an apology. Anyways, it was the healthiest looking there. It was alittle bigger than the rest and seemed to be the best choice. When I picked him up, he just looked at me. He didn't tail whip or bob his head or hatchet-position or anything. It was awesome. The only bobbing of his head was him looking around curiously at me and sticking out his tongue at me.

Compared to my old iguana, this one seemed legendary. I couldn't believe my eyes. He quickly ran up my arm and stood on my shoulder curiously, and licked my shirt. I was determined to have him, just by this. I knew it was bad to choose the first I picked up but I'd already fell in love with him. After picking him out, I talked to someone who I'd heeded for advice that worked there about what I had and what more I needed. I then proceeded to buy necessary things for an actual heat lamp.

After all this, I finally got him home and everything set up for him. I changed my bedding to paper towels, sometimes with newspaper underneath. I have sort of a pie-bowl or pan or whatever for him that I fill up about less than halfway. It doesn't go up very far on him. I also have a dish I put a few pieces of food in (cantaloupe, tomatoes, lettuce). I boiled two sticks for him to climb on that he loves and put them under the heat lamp. I have the heat lamp laying directly down on the top of the cage so it's concentrated into one corner. The other corner has the food and water bowl/pool. The first day I got him he ate cantaloupe from my hand and seemed to enjoy it, along with a little bit of lettuce. The night I brought him home, he pooped in his water bowl and I cleaned it out and sterilized it, because it seemed he had worms.

Well, another problem, but I refuse to take him back, because I can't part with him. I bought medicine from the vet that I asked whether or not it was okay for a baby iguana. They said of course and I may have foolishly trusted their word. In any case, I tried to get him to poop the next day by giving him more food. He wouldn't eat, so I tried off and on all day. I noticed that he may have ate some chopped up carrot that I had for him because it had been dragged around the cage and a lot of it seemed to be missing. Oh, I'd like to mention that the person who was helping me with the medicine missed his mouth. I got some on my shirt and he had some on his face, but not much. He licked it all off of our fingers and off of my shirt and I rubbed what he had on his face off and he licked that, too. Basically, all that was left was a few smudges of it. Anyways, he pooped that day (in his water, again. The only reason he ever goes there is to poop.) and it had some worms in it. It seemed fairly large, despite that he hadn't ate much (could've only been once that day). I couldn't tel if they were dead or not because of the fact that they were in water. They seemed to still be alive, but I may be being paranoid.

He seems to be acting alittle bit less active, which is easy because of how active he was at first. I figure he's just fighting his ailment. However, I'm unsure whether the medicine is being effective. I'm sorry for bugging all of you with my problems. I'd like to mention that I'd never read anywhere that you should mist them in the summer, but he loves when I do considering that he doesn't get in his water bole to bathe. What can I do for something he can bathe/drink in? Is the reason he doesn't bathe or drink from it that he thinks it's a potty, or that it's too shallow?


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