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Southwestern Center for Herpetological Research
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SC Reptile & Exotic Animal Show 11/7 & 8

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Posted by: Southerncat at Mon Oct 12 13:28:51 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Southerncat ]  

South Carolina Reptile and Exotic Animal Show
Venomous Included

November 7th & 8th 2009

Jamil Temple
206 Jamil Rd.

Admission: 13 and up $8.00
5 thru 12 $5.00
4 and Under get in FREE!
VIP Pass: $10.00 Adults
$5.00 for Kids

Pre Purchased VIP Passes will receive: 1 hour early entry on Saturday,ZooMed sponsored Tote Bag filled with product samples, vendor information, product information, and future show information. Special VIP Door Prize Drawings during the first hour for The Best Prizes found at ANY Show! There is NO better deal ANYWHERE!!

ExoTerra Door Prize Raffle

Spectacular sponsorship prizes are expected, such as entire ExoTerra Habitat set-ups, and large cage decor such as Waterfalls and Rock Outcrops! VIP Tickets are available for pre-purchase. Come out early and be a Repticon VIP guest!.

Repticon is proud to announce a Brand NEW sponsor for this show: Bearden's Burms
Bearden's Burms is owned and operated by Sam and Theresa Bearden of Ladson, South Carolina. Their goal at Bearden's Burms is to provide high quality Burmese Pythons at a reasonable affordable prices. They are passionate about their animals and strive to maintain optimal health and husbandry of their collection.
Their first breeding was a normal to an albino producing some very light het albinos. This began their fascination with these gorgeous giants and Bearden's Burms was born. In the last few years they have expanded their breeding collection. They are currently concentrating on albinos, greens, and granites, and the numerous combinations of the three morphs.

Presentations by:

Do you like the big stuff? Have you ever considered getting a Burmese Python? Have you bought one and wonder what to do with it now? Theresa Bearden from Bearden's Burms out of Ladson South Carolina will be doing a presentation "Becoming a Responsible Keeper of those Gentle Giant Snakes the Burmese Pythons!" Stop by and learn how to handle these big guys with proper python husbandry.

Jeff Mohr with his Reptilian Encounters. This live animal presentation will entertain you and you whole family, no matter what age you are. Jeff has a wide range of knowledge, ranging from the smallest non venomous snakes to the largest venomous snakes. He will ask for volunteers, so bring the kids along and get them involved in the wonderful word of Reptiles.

Bill Love of Blue Chameleon Ventures will be facilitating an interactive seminar on how to photograph herps, so bring your camera to the show! So stop, camera in tow, and take opportunity to learn "hands on" from one of the best!

Daniel Parker from Sunshine Serpents will be doing a Powerpoint presentation on
Snakes of the Southeast
"Was that a water snake or a cottonmouth? A scarlet king snake or a coral snake? Daniel Parker of Sunshine Serpents and University of Central Florida gives a general overview of the snake species of the southeastern United States with an emphasis on identification, conservation, and venomous snake safety. This presentation will include a colorful powerpoint presentation and live snakes."

Mike Dean from Exotic Kingdom will be giving a presentation focusing on various arachnids. As a breeder of these creatures, he is the man to learn from if you are into animals that even some herpers think are creepy and crawly. If you like tarantulas, scorpions, and other spiders, stop by to see them up close and personal!

Tom Brown from Under the Canopy Farms will be giving a presentation on the wonderful & wet world of captive bred tropical amphibians.

There will be a Auction held after the show in the upstairs banquet room for USARK on Saturday at appox. 6:00pm. There will be free BBQ and drinks. Come join in on some fun and fellowship and help us raise money for a GREAT cause!

Thousands of Reptiles,amphibians. arachnids mammals, even Custom Hand Made Jewelry !
Pets and Pet Supplies at wholesale Prices! Even hundreds of new, rare and out of print herpetological books, back issues of reptile related magazines.

We will be posting on the web site that this show is already Vendor Sold OUT!!!

For more information:
By phone 864-292-9614
By email:


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