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RE: Feeding technique

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Posted by: St0n3_C0ld at Sat Dec 26 10:38:09 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by St0n3_C0ld ]  

You know what Meg, it finally ate...!!!!
wow can't tell how glad i was that day..

It happened on December 20 when i planned to feed it (with room light on actually). I didn't check on its cage for 3 days because i went out of town but i already misted the cage before. So it was the time to feed i guessed, the cage was still pretty humid too (able to see water condensation on the glass).
Then i thawed a pinky mouse for about 15 minutes and then slightly opened the skull and let the brain "juices" came out just a little. Then i put the brained pinky in a very hot water (just finished up boiling)and offered it but still no dice..
At first, the snake kinda showed an interest by moving its head closer and closer to the pinky but my arm muscle was shaking because i hold the pinky so hard with the tongs, kinda afraid to let the pinky fell as i thought it could frighten the snake but the result is my arm shook and it frightened the snake too and it crawled away from the pinky...
I kept offering the pinky in front of its head but it kept moving its head away from the food kinda wanting to reject the food, so i frustated..
Then i remembered your technique Meg by smacking its head with the pinky, not that hard, but hard enough till the snake crawled away vigorously lol wonder why it didn't even strike one bit being smacked that way lol ;p
I tried that for almost 30 minutes and got pretty tired and bored at the same time. During that time i kept re-heating the pinky with the hot water at the time i touched the pinky and i felt it was already cold, but still no dice..
One time it even "hold" the pinky, coiling it, but i knew it didn't intend to eat, it was just the snake trying to run away and coil the pinky thinking that it was another perch to grab on but the fact that i was tired feeding it so i just let it "coiled" the pinky and i thought probably it would eat that way (*giving up thought) lol
So i left the snake and the pinky that way with the cage lid opened, i chatted & browsed internet and came back to check that it still "hold" the pinky and finally dropped it..
So i grabbed the pinky again with tongs and re-heating it again then showed it in in front of the snake again without smacking the snake's head. I didn't actually pay attention to it and looked somewhere else hopelessly, didn't have any thought of the snake eating it but suddenly the snake finally bit the pinky's head and i didn't realize it because my head was looking somewhere else..
Then i looked back to the snake and found out that it bit the pinky's head slowly. It kinda making me confused. The snake just opened its mouth and take the pinky slowly without making any fast moving strike, it just opened its mouth and take it then put some coils on the pinky. That time i was really really happy..!!
I looked at it swallowing the pinky motionlessly (afraid of frightening the snake), but my heart was so glad finally the snake ate ^^

So i waited for 3 days later to check if the snake vomitted the food item and then it didn't vomit anything (thank God). So i changed the substrate along with the cage setup, thinking that the snake might explore around and defecated.
Tomorrow after that i checked on its cage and saw a stool which was great and this evening i found out the snake had shed, a perfect shed (40 cm long), so i'm really really glad today ^^

Thank you everyone and hope my story can be help for others ^^


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