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Posted by: PHFaust at Sat Dec 19 01:32:14 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHFaust ]  

Hey, herpers! Are you ready to show the world that it takes more than little fluffy puppies in Santa hats and kittens entangled with ribbons to make a holiday bright?

Enter your reptile and amphibian photos in's Holiday Herp Photo Contest, and win Petsmart gift cards. It's easy... just go to the brand new photo gallery created for just that purpose, and pick any or all of the three categories:

1. Holiday Herps
You know... iguanas in Santa hats. Snakes coiled around Xmas trees. Any winter holiday is fair game: Christmas, Saturnalia, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve or Day, Festivus, Solstice, Kwanzaa... any excuse for a party is fine with us!

2. Herps in Nature
Your best photos of herps in situ in the field.

3. Herps at Home
Your reptiles and amphibians photographed in your home.

We're giving away $10 Petsmart gift cards to the winners, and the photos with the most comments win, so get your buddies, your mom, and hey, your pets, to come tell you how great your herp shots are. Ties will be broken by Jeff Barringer, who will be led blindfolded into a darkened room and shown the images without any identifying information like which of his biggest advertisers (or user who has been skirting a lifetime ban for the last six years) took the photos.

Are there rules? Please. This is the Internet. Of course there are rules... and they're just down there, so keep reading! The fine print:

All photos must be posted in one of the three categories in our Holiday Herp Photo Gallery and must remain there until January 31, 2010. You may re-post photos that are already in other galleries to the contest gallery, but no photos posted only in other galleries will be eligible for voting. Any photos posted to the main Holiday gallery instead of one of the categories will be moved by photo gallery moderators to the category considered most appropriate, and all moderator decisions will be final.

Photos may be posted anytime starting on Friday, December 18, 2009 until 11:59 PM Pacific (California) time on Friday, January 1, 2010. Any photos submitted after that date will not be included in the judging.

Voting will continue for one week, until Friday, January 8, 2009, at 11:59 PM Pacific (California) time. To vote, simply leave a comment of any length on the photo in the gallery. Comments that violate the TOS will be removed and not counted.

You must be the photographer of the images you upload, and all uploaded images must comply with our site's Terms of Service.

You will continue to own all rights to your own images, but by entering the contest you're giving us permission to link to or re-upload the images for display on our site blog and in a permanent gallery of winning images (so if you remove them in the future, the links will still work). We will not use the images for anything other than promotion of the contest, or featuring entries and winners, on our sites. We won't sell them or use them to make greeting cards or pretend we took them. We promise.

The 3 photos in each category with the most comments will be considered the winning images. If there are more than three tied winners in any category, the ties will be broken by Jeff Barringer, who will view the images without knowing who submitted them.

Staff and volunteers of, Inc. are not eligible for prizes, but they may enter their photos for the sheer exhilarating fun of it.

We'll email you using the email address associated with your username so you can tell us where to send the gift card. If you don't respond within five (5) days, we'll move on to someone else and you'll forfeit your prize -- although, of course, the fame and glory are yours to keep forever.

And the image on this post? It's a stock photo and it doesn't count.

Happy Holidays!
Holiday Herp Photo Contest!

Cindy Steinle
PHFaust">Email Cindy
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