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RE: USF&W to add "Big 9" to Lacey Act

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Posted by: PHFaust at Sun Apr 25 09:28:08 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHFaust ]  

>>For those of us who aren't familiar with these issues, could you explain what the "bad science" is?
>>Do you dispute that the snakes are destroying native habitat in the US? Or is it that you aren't sure control of the legal trade will address this problem? Or do you question the value of the Everglades?

There are several discussions on the herp law forum and I will refer you there for specifics. I will address your questions however here.

>>Do you dispute that the snakes are destroying native habitat in the US?
I feel from what I have learned from non govt affiliated scientists as well as Florida F&W folks AND people living down there that this issue is excessively blown out of proportion. I also feel personally that this is a STATE issue as the problem lies in the southern tip of florida and problems with burmese pythons in that location are not going to effect Wisconsin so to speak.

Or is it that you aren't sure control of the legal trade will address this problem?
No I do not feel banning the interstate sale, trade or relocation (ie. I move from WI to MN, legally I will not be able to transport my snakes) will have a hoot of effect on the established population of burmese in the glades. I do think it will effect many small businesses that make up the reptile community. The population of burmese are being genetically tracked to a small founding gene pool which leads to the theory that they were originally displaced during a hurricane and not the massive pet dumping ground it has been touted as being. In reference to the hurricane, Florida F&W set into place certain laws requiring things such as a natural disaster plan. Florida has laws regarding this, but the federal govt is acting on a study that claims these animals will be able to live as far north as DC. The feral populations are staying in the glades and we are not locating populations in say the Panhandle. They are not migrating. The everglades is a unique environment that isnt present in say virgina. Once again this is a local issue, not a national one.

Or do you question the value of the Everglades? No one questions the value of the everglades, however what is questionable is that a law is needed nationally to make changes in a small area. I personally would be willing to bet there are other invasive species doing far more damage in the everglades that is not reported or dealt with. This is legislation and rule changes based on a very questionable study in 2008 with a questionable follow up in 2009. Certain questions such as the fact that boa constrictors do not migrate across the border into the US at the present time, however are being listed as will be able to become invasive. The fact that the numbers of animals is exaggerated to the point of insanity. Numerous things make me stop and think.

For the record, I do not personally own any animals effected by this rule change, but that does not mean it doesnt involve me.

A few links for you.

initial USGS Study

Follow up USGS Study

Response study debunking and raising questions with the science used in USGS Study

Numerous responses from Dave and Tracy Barker and others in response to the flawed studies
Cindy Steinle
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