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RE: Once again, Aaron...

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Posted by: dustyrhoads at Fri Jul 9 23:46:51 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by dustyrhoads ]  

>>This is just the way I see it, but ol' Nature doesn't care whether the removal from the population is by herper (live collection) or vehicle (run over).

This paradigm assumes two things, which may not be true: (1) that the animal you found is guaranteed a certain death by vehicle if you allow it to go free (it's not -- I mean, it made this far into adulthood and hasn't gotten squashed yet.), and (2) that taking an established adult has the same consequence as taking a juvenile (it doesn't).

No, you can't guarantee that a baby won't get squashed either, but you can be certain that an established adult statistically has a better chance of surviving to keep the allele in question in the population than a baby does.

>>Returning to herpers the opportunity to collect an animal ALIVE and make more LIVE animals of the same genetic stock SEEMS to make more sense to me, than to say "hands off" and hear from non-herping folks about the strange yellow snake they ran over last night on their way home from the bar.

If people are doing it anyway (as per the several e-mails and pictures I've received since the law went into effect), and therefore ignoring the law and being open about it, then exactly what opportunity needs to be returned to the herpers?

I'm not suggesting a "hands-off" policy in regards to Blondes -- just SOME policy in regards to adult Blondes. There is some merit to this approach: you are eliminating ONE of the two previously mentioned human-caused removals of adults from the wild.

But why the need to collect them anyway? The captive population of Blondes isn't going extinct anytime soon...there are literally hundreds of them out there, including locality animals. To me, the need to do so reflects this attitude that says, "Hey, wait til my buddies at the Outback Oasis and the hometown herp club see what I found THIS weekend." Why can't the privilege of seeing and photographing the animal be enough, especially when you can buy an acclimated captive-bred adult for $200 as opposed to a $1000 week-long trip to W TX? I do think bag limits should be allowed AND followed AND based on the best pop. data available. Get me straight...I'm FOR collecting and keeping, but not for unregulated collecting and keeping. I take more pleasure in just knowing they're there than keeping them...and I'd one day like to cross paths with one. And if/when I do, I will let it be. (At least, that's how I HOPE I would act. LOL) But that's just me.

Before this wasn't an issue...I mean, how many people knew where to find Blondes 20 years ago compared to the numbers of people who know not only the road names, but exact hills and canyons.

But now that everybody can find out exactly where to find them, I do fear for their future as remaining extant in the wild. Believe me, I'm repenting and do sometimes cringe for putting locality information in my book...

Dang, maybe I wouldn't be so touchy about this if I had received just ONE report from SOMEone who not only ignored the 25 normal Subocs he saw on the last trip... but also the Blonde!


*And BTW, how many non-herper buddy's do you have who hang out in Brewster county bars on the weekends?


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