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MYS Press: Rare white Turtles freed

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Posted by: W von Papineu at Tue Jan 11 12:18:08 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by W von Papineu ]  

{Photo at URL below}

BORNEO POST (Kuching, Malaysia) 09 January 11 Two rare white tortoises released into river
Sibu: Members of the public are perhaps now more concerned with wildlife when two of them bought rare white tortoises for release into the river yesterday morning.
The three tortoises, with a red spot each on their forehead, were caught by a farmer in a stream in Ulu Belaga.
He took them to Sibu yesterday and put them up for sale in the market place.
A tortoise with a red spot on its forehead is considered an auspicious creature.
Many believe rearing it will bring them luck and fortune, and the creature is much sought after.
Because of the creature’s high demand and also because it is a protected wildlife, the sale in the black market has pushed the price up.
According to the farmer, he sold it for RM1,000 each.
“The first two were grabbed this morning, but the buyers only bought them for release into the river.”
The farmer was still holding the third tortoise when met by a reporter. He was still hoping for a windfall for it.
The rare species might be of high demand, but there are people who are angry with the sale in broad daylight, saying such a wildlife is protected in the state.
“It is illegal to trade this, what more to say trading in the market,” a guy, who declined to be named, fumed.
He said public members should cooperate with the government to protect such wildlife for the future generations.
“Condemn those catching, possessing and selling them, for they never understand it is a treasure to our rain forest and our future generations.”
He hoped the authorities will act on such an abuse.
Is the rare white tortoise with a red spot on its forehead really auspicious?
Many elders will think it otherwise based on an experience involving a major flood in 1971 in Sibu. Back then, a similar tortoise (but black in colour) with a red spot on its forehead was caught in the Rajang River.
Because the flood had followed after the creature was caught, a public member took the matter to a medium.
The medium said in a trance that the creature was the son of the King of the Dragon dwelling in the sea.
The medium said the catch caused the flood and he advised the one possessing it to release the creature.
The creature was released and the flood water receded.
This rising flood and the catch might just be coincident, but the environmental message here is – do not kill or abuse wildlife to upset the ecological system. For when the upset is done, it will spell environmental disaster.
Two rare white tortoises released into river


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