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RE: Nice Film

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Posted by: crocdoc2 at Mon Feb 21 21:16:37 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by crocdoc2 ]  

I haven’t asked you to access a 5m/16 foot crocodile, just provide a photo of one jumping out of the water in a more motivated way. Given your confidence that Rex is a lame jumper for a 5m croc I thought for sure you'd have plenty of visual proof of crocs his size clearing their hind legs out of the water. It wasn’t a big ask, especially considering the availability of images in this, the age of the internet.

"Looking in the archives I did'nt really see but a few posts by crocdoc and they were mostly in the monitor section. D.C."

Now I feel like I'm being stalked. Not sure if I should feel flattered or a bit creeped out.

In answer to your question, not that it has any relevance to this discussion, the nickname 'crocdoc' was given to me by my siblings while I was doing my PhD in herpetology because my thesis was on saltwater crocodiles. The name stuck. I currently breed monitors as a hobby and when I first started posting on the monitor forum as crocdoc people kept emailing me questions about tree crocodiles (aka croc monitors), Varanus salvadorii, so I changed my nickname to DK (or decay, if you prefer). Turns out I lost the nickname crocdoc permanently, on this forum, so I am now crocdoc2. On all of the monitor forums of which I am a member, I am crocdoc.

Any other personal questions you feel the need to ask? Now's your chance. I have two questions for you, now:
1. Do you always research people that disagree with you?
2. How many 5m crocodiles have you seen in the flesh?

Although I used my connections to help source this crocodile I have no 'relationship' with it and my comments are based purely on what I know of large crocodiles. Rex may not be the most athletic crocodile but he jumps as high as one would expect a crocodile of his size to jump. No more, no less. Had you access to 5m crocodiles you'd probably be more aware of this. I haven't kept any crocodilians for years (I did in the past) and have no desire to because of space limitations, but have seen a few salties in the 5m size range (mostly in captivity, some in the wild) as well as hundreds of wild crocodilians of many species in sizes ranging from large down to hatchlings. I've never seen any 5m croc clear its hind legs out of the water or even come close, in the flesh or in photos. I have an open mind, though. Show me a photo of a 5m crocodile jumping as high as you claim they are capable (and I'll be able to tell by its proportions whether or not it is in the 5m range) and I will admit that Rex is a lazy-arsed crocodile. Until you can do that, this is getting beyond ridiculous. I posted a video of a crocodile that I thought the croc aficionados among you would enjoy and now it's turned into this silly slagging match. I made no claims about this crocodile’s jumping ability but recognized your assessment of him being a ‘lame’ jumper to have been based on experience with smaller crocodiles and chose to disagree. Show me visual proof (ie video or photo of a similar sized croc clearing the water up to its hind legs) or agree to disagree and get over it.

Just to lighten things up, here's another wild croc (a fair bit smaller than Rex, at around 4m).


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