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RE: I Guess It Is Time

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Posted by: guyergenetics at Fri Aug 26 09:22:47 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by guyergenetics ]  

Your argument is weak sir. Yes, the founding stock for the captive reptile breedingindustry came from the wild as did the founding stock for chickens, dogs, horses, and all other captive animals.

Especially for the more common species, there is a strong gene pool within the captive breeding communtity and really haven't had a need to take from the wild for some time.

You speak as though the majority of animals in pet stores are wild caught and that is not the case.

We are so far removed from the original wild caught founding stock that your argument is pointless.

Does the wild Wolf population suffer because we have dogs?? According to your argument it does.

So, me having a Bloodred Motley Corn Snake affects the wild populations? I don't think so.

But of course, supporting the roundups and trying to justify the genocide does force you to reach pretty far and grasp at straws doesn't it.

I still haven't heard any justification for the stunts pulled at roundups such as holding Rattlers in a person's mouth. I still haven't heard any justification for snakes being put in a freezer for 2 hours and then having their mouth sewn shut. I haven't heard any justification for snakes having their fangs ripped out. And I still haven't heard any justification or reason for the bloody handprints on the wall at Sweetwater.

Truth is, you roundup people are feeling the HEAT aren't you?? What else is this thread but an act of desperation on your part?? Why else would you try to justify rattlesnake roundups on a REPTILE FORUM??????

Fact is, the movement AGAINST the roundups is GAINING support and momentum. Roundup attendance is declining, and you are running out of snakes to slaughter. Looks like a pretty dim future for the roundups to me. The roundups are in their last days. In 5-10 years there won't be any more roundups.

Also seeing as how you think that all captive bred reptiles are doomed to die in captivity, why don't you take YOUR snakes to the next roundup??? Seeing as how it's not just Rattlesnakes in the pit anymore...Other species have been filmed so don't even try to argue.

Basically with the videos and photos out there of what happens at the roundups, the cat is out of the bag!!!! People are learing what happens and a LOT of people are MAD!!!!

BTW...ever hear about the no-kill roundups in Pennyslyvania? A limit of ONE snake per hunter and then the snakes are pit tagged and released at the location they were found. Any reason why you folks in Texas can't do the same thing? Or do you just get off chopping snakes heads off and putting bloody handprints on walls?? I'm sure that having power over a Rattler makes you feel big and bad.


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