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18 tub 28 qt plastic rack under $130

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Posted by: adamjeffery at Sun Oct 9 23:58:21 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by adamjeffery ]  

so after seeing a cheepo rack build here in the sticky section and doing some research i found where someone else had already done a 28 qt rack like mine. it hasnt been posted here and i thought it deserved a place.
i own animal plastics racks and many many melamine racks that i built my self already, but wanted something different, lighter and cheaper.
time has come that i have to empty the snake room for my growing family. so now the snakes have to go down in the dungeon i call a basement. the melamine wont last long down there if it has to sit on the concrete, and i do get water penetration at times.
so i started searching for cheap alternative plastic racks that i could make myself. i can get xpvcx for 110 a sheet but i also have to drive an hour and a half to get it...and i recently sold my truck for a car with better gas id have to borrow one.
hence how this came about.

first thing i did was head to home depot and pick up (2) 5 shelf plastic storage units made by workforce for 49.99 each.

while i was there i also bought (2) 4x8 sheets of 1/8 inch white bathroom paneling for 13 dollars each.
i had them make 3 cuts while they were stacked together. 1 cut to make them 2x8. then 2 more cuts making 3 foot lengths. i didn't get pics at this step.
once home i cut 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 cuts out of each corner. keep the corners you cut out for a later step.

please excuse the crappy cuts as my trim saw didnt have a deep enough cut and had to finish it up with the recip saw. so at this point i have (8)2x3 foot panels with the corners cut out.
before i could adhere the panels to the shelves i had to remove all the plastic slag from the forming process. some didnt have to come off but would look better if you did.

so after trimming all the slag and bumps of plastic of each shelf i can adhere the panels to the BOTTOM of 9 of the shelves, 8 in my case but ill explain later. i used a general all purpose adhesive.

once all the shelves had the panels glued on i stacked them and let them dry over night with a little weight on top of them.

the next available time i had i went ahead and measured and cut the uprights for assembly.
measuring the depth of hole in each shelf from the inner lip to the surface measures 1 1/8 inch from either side. i then placed my spacers(corners you cut out earlier) and tubs on the shelf and placed another shelf on top of the tubs.

i measure 5 13/16 in the pic you see it reads 5 11/16 but that is because the tape is on top of the 1/8 inch panel. so each "leg" has to be cut to 8 1/16.
when measuring each leg to cut, if using a chop saw like i did with a stop then you have to add 1 1/2 inches for the smaller diameter on each leg. you can see this section sitting against the wood block on my saw. if your cutting by hand then you can measure from the beginning of the larger diameter or smaller. which ever is easier for you.

cuts like butter!

i checked my first shelf space with tubs and it worked great but i wanted a little more space between the tub and shelf for ease of tub use. i adjusted to what i prefer with the next cuts.

once i was happy with the spacing i just went ahead and cut all the legs and then using a razor blade cut off the plastic burrs left behind from the saw and assembled the rest of the rack.

now you will notice i only have 8 shelves and space enough for 16 tubs. well i have a height limit of 5 foot 11 inches in the basement. i cant fit the last shelf
another note. since these units are not made to be stacked, so you wont have enough uprights to add the last shelf. so you have to take the scrap from the legs you cut earlier and just cut some more that do not have the smaller diameter section. also you will only have 8 panels from the bathroom panels you had cut at home depot. if you take the scrap left over from the panels you can cut 2 pieces and make one shelf's worth.
the unit i made with 8 shelves stands at 67 inches. each shelf from the bottom of one tub to the bottom of another tub is 8 1/8 inches.
i do suggest screwing the shelves to the uprights once its all together. it doesnt like to stay assembled when carrying it sideways into a
hope this helps someone.
total bill:
(2) shelf units at 49.99 each = 100 bucks
(2) white bathroom paneling at 13 each= 26 bucks
glue = 5 bucks
so for $130 dollars you have a rack that will hold up to (18) 28 qt tubs
OR GET THIS...UP TO (9) 41 QT TUBS!!! if slid in from the end!
i already had the tubs since i am replacing a melamine rack with this one. but they arent that much. i know 41qt tubs are 10 bucks each and i thing the 28qt tubs are 5 or 6 each.
add heat and a thermostat and your all set.
an after will see in some pics that i have little "feet" sticking out of the bottom of one of the shelves. these are optional but useful to keep it up a little.
also due to the manufacturing process of these shelves these measurements may vary from shelf to shelf and some shelves had a slight real slight dip in the center of each shelf.
adam jeffery
" a.k.a. farfrumugen "
When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep -- not screaming, like the passengers in his car.


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