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albino ETB price and other questions

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Posted by: CosmoEclipse at Sun Feb 5 01:26:47 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by CosmoEclipse ]  

A couple of years ago my ex husband got 3 etbs, we know they were probably imports from the wild because we had to take them to the vet several times becuase of mites and worms.

My husband and I divorced and he let me keep the snakes because I got attached to them. They were all supposed to be females and I had them in a 75 gallon tank with lots of branches. Well last winter I saw two of them mating, their little tails were tangled up togeher hanging down. They did this for several weeks off and on, mostly at night.

Then Gracie, (mommy etb) got very fat and I knew she was pregnant so I took her out and put her in a 40 gallon tank so the others wouldnt eat her babies. She stayed right under the heat emitter and got fatter and fatter. Then it happened, last July I looked and she had only one live baby, two dead ones and 4 red egg things ( looked like giant jelly beans) the live baby was dark red, one dead baby was dark red and the other was pale yellow. Both of the dead ones looked like they were the same size as the live one and I dont know what happened with them.

I flushed the 4 red things and the two dead babies down the toilet before my daughter woke up and saw them. I knew it would break her heart, I left the live baby in with Gracie until my daughter got up and when she saw the little baby she screamed like it was Christmas! She named him Flick, ( we call him a he but not sure of gender). I kinda wish I had froze the dead babies so I could ask a vet what happened.

I dont know if the pale yellow one was really an albino or if it was just a genetic defect since there was obviously something wrong with her litter, but I have looked and looked for pictures of baby emeralds and I cant find another like it. I know albinos are more uncommon but my daughter saw a yellow albino ball python at the pet shop and she flipped over it and I told her one day that Gracie may give her a yellow tree snake.

Ziggy ( the male adult) is chasing Angel (presumed other female) around the cage this season and I haven't saw mating yet but you can tell he wants to. I am hoping for more babies and hopefully another yellow one! Gracie is still by herself because I read that you shouldnt breed emeralds two years in a row. One more thing, Gracie was almost friendly, I could pet her a little bit but ever since she became a mommy, she tries to bite, I have to hold a cutting board with one hand while I change her water or clean her mess with my other hand. I am afraid she thinks I hurt those two dead babies. How can I get her to like me again?

One more question, Flick, the baby, is very sweet, I let my daughter pet him if I am holding him, ( the cages all have locks on them so she doesnt get tempted to stick her hand in the cages). She begs me all the time to let her hold him but I am afraid he may bite her though he has not bit me since the day he was born, will he stay sweet since he has had human contact since birth or do you think he will get unpredictable and moody like his mother has? We are so excited because he is changing colors I just keep hoping he doesnt get mean when he goes all green!


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