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RE: Wearing and eating monitor lizards

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Posted by: FR at Mon Feb 27 08:41:11 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FR ]  

Hi Daniel

Your question is vague and can be very misleading.

I would also think this question, or at least the way you phrased it, would be well below your level of experience and education.

For instance, theres nothing we can do about varanids being collected and consumed by native peoples, but countries can pass laws against collecting or keeping.

It also appears all the laws and seudoprotection does very little to nothing, to stop habitat destruction, which is the real problem. Which is the base for why I think your question is naive and below your level of education.

So again it appears to me, you "may" just be attempting to start fights and arguements, which is the only reason you have posted here in the last number of years.

So in an attempt to address your question as if it was an honest question. Here goes'

It depends on many many things, like species, strenght of populations, farm raised, etc.

As mentioned, native peoples will consume them and will not be stopped from doing so, right or wrong.

Civilized peoples really should only take limited numbers from nature and produce them in captivity for whatever consumption they choose, hides, meat or pets.

Also the word "pets" is out of context as varanids are rarely pets, it can happen, but its extremely rare. They are more like many captive animals, just captives to be watched, not petted or recieved love from, like dogs that return our love.

They are more like tropical fish or many species of birds. Again, in most cases and particularly most indo species.

There are indeed some individual monitors that display a bond to a keeper and could well be called a pet. But again, thats rare.

Rare is in context to the actual numbers of monitors imported compared to the actual number that become pets.

In reality, its rare(based on numbers) for wild caught to even survive over two years in captivity.

In recent years, Farm raised has become a reality with some species. That would be a very satisfactory method for the "pet trade" or the promotion and support of truely captive bred.

The actual problem is civilize people like you and I' cannot seem to do anything right, We are either A or Z, without concern with all the actual realistic choices in the middle.

There are lots and lots of ways to do this right, but we are just too petty to actually do that. So in reality, the right way for us to address this issue will most likely remain elusive. Best wishes and have a great day


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