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Feeding Help

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Posted by: LilaDenae at Thu Jul 12 14:23:41 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by LilaDenae ]  

So, I tried to fed my corn snake for a couple of days now and she wont eat I've tried putting it in the feeding box with just the food for a few hours with no luck and I tried leaving the food in her enclosure over night with again no luck then I tried to box thing and then I also tried to tease feed her and she didn't do that either. So any tips would be awesome I want her to eat twice a week and she hasn't eaten for a week already. The pet store told me that she ate a fuzzy last time and they told me not to go back to the pinkies. They also said they get them all nice and warm and put the food in a seperate containier then them in it and they should eat right away. They also told me not to fed her for over a week and wait until she looks like she is really searching for food. They said they fed her 2 or 3 days before I purchased her and she had a couple nice bowels on my friend so I know that she has digested her food by now. And I’ve posted this in the general forum but I thought I would bring it to the corn snake specific forum since that is what she is. And here is the advice I have gotten so far in this forum and others pieced together:

Markg wrote:
Sometimes new snakes do not eat immediately. The pic seems to show that the snake is dehydrated. I would hydrate it first. Clue #1 - that snake was not kept in ideal conditions at the store. It needs some TLC. To hydrate, fill a plastic shoebox with just about 1/4 inch of water, tepid water is best (not cold, not warm to the touch either). That is all, just 1/4 inch or less. Put the snake in there for 5 minutes. Do that every 3rd day a few more times. Cornsnakes can stress, so the snake not feeding may be due to the move. Give the snake a few hides (warm end and cool end of the cage) and leave it alone other than the soaking. Try a thawed pinkie in a few days. I don't care what the pet store says, try a pinkie first, thawed. I know there are some knowledgeable pet store staff out there, but the hard truth is many know nothing about keeping snakes healthy. There is a cornsnake forum here, use that resource as much as you need to.

And I asked : How can you tell when they are dehydrated? And also how should I know when to upgrade from the pinkie to the fuzzy? and should I try to fed her more then one pinkie at a time?

Denbar said that maybe she is about to get ready to shed and sometimes they don’t want to fed.

Tspuckler said:
In addition to what the other's have said here are a few quick ideas: 1) Do not disturb/handle the snake until it is on a regular feeding schedule (has eaten 5 or 6 times). 2) House baby snakes in small containers - like the size of a shoebox or smaller. 3) Do not subject snake to bright lights. 4) Make sure the snake has hide areas. 5) Feed the baby corn in the evening - do not watch it eat. Put the food into the cage and leave it alone until the following morning.

Dmong said:
In the one pic it seems to have a lump in the belly area. I hope that is indeed the remnants of a good meal and not an internal growth or obstruction of some sort. It does seem odd that the store said it ate three days prior to purchase, but the lump is still there and seems more recent....hmmmmm, now I am starting to think the store might have been pulling a fast one with that claim........I hope not for the snake's sake. Being as thin as it is already, it needs to get some nutrition going on pretty soon. best of luck with getting it feeding. Another word of helpful advice would be to not make the meals very large right off the bat. Many times thinner snake's internal workings aren't as used to processing food as others are. You sure as heck cannot afford any regurgitation issues with it, that could be deadly. This is why the the temps and the entire setup have to be good enough to help this along as soon as possible.

And this is the last thing I added:
when I did take that pic she had a nice few bowels on my friend not long after that and the lump is gone thats why I want her to fed. The pet store told me that she ate a fuzzy but someone else told me that I should start her off on a pinkie but I dont know if I should just give her one or offer her more then one since they said that she ate a fuzzy before. and when do you know when to upgrade? Is it when she eats and it doesn't make a noticable lump? I just really want her to eat. Also, right now her hot side temp is at 85 and her humidity is at 50 should I increase any of these to help her out?

Sorry that this is so long I just want all the advice I can get.


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