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RE: On feeding crayfish/crawdads

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Posted by: FR at Wed Aug 1 17:28:20 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FR ]  

What, you cannot ship, I will pay the shipping. No problem You really need to understand, if I was in your neigborhood, I would stop and pick them up. But to travel from there to there, proving anything to you or anybody is not that important. But it would be fun to raise up some Dums, raising up reptiles is my favorite part.

One of the dietary needs that is puzzling to me is fat. rodents and captive bred rodents in particular, carry a fairly high amount of fat.

While many people, being anthropormorphic, think fat is a bad thing. In nature, fat(energy) sources are valued.

With most fast growing and reproducing animals, the need for a high fat content is known. Yet, when it comes to reptiles, not much is known.

I really never had the need to have a lab analize prey items, but there is something in mice that allows young monitors to grow guickly and strong and females to reproduce well and do so over and over.

what is missing in most diets is FAT. So I am guessing that may be important. ITs very important in the production of mice. With mice, the conditions perdict what fat levels are needed. In hot conditions, lower levels are required, In cold conditions, like most labs use, higher levels are required.

On the otherhand, animals kept static(non growing or reproducing) I would recomend a low fat diet, such as crayfish. That includes older individuals, particularly old males.

It may also be Type of fat, that is important. I don't know. Nor do I care.

Again, what I find so odd about this is, the ability for you guys to have a grown up conversation. That is, comparing success to success. You see, I am past the old, can this be done, I would think we all should be past that. We should be.

This my way/your way, BS, is so silly, which is why I mentioned it above.

Again, you are so very knowing, you state costs, yet you have no idea what your talking about. There is no question on earth, mice are far less expensive then crayfish, for me!. What others do or how they purchase, is theirs to do. So your arguement on price is off and baseless. Also, you should know this, for many people its not about the cost. It may be, or not, thats for the individual to decide.

You seem to have found a way to obtain crayfish inexpensively, well sir, there are indeed ways to obtain rodents inexpensively as well. But that does not bode well for your arguement.

So Ben, if you do really want to talk about what may be different and what "may" be why one item performs better then the other, how about starting a new thread. I would love that.

You also talk about my gut feeling, I do not go by my gut feeling, or by what I read, I go by expressed results, which is think is really the important part.

About testing, sir if you knew me at all, and you don't. You would know, all I do is test, test and more testing. In fact, I wish I was not wired that way.

For instance, that cage above, while it is also a test, its also just because I like it. So what do you think of that cage Ben, I noticed you did not say a thing about the cage. Cheers


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