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Posted by: espritmakomako at Sun Sep 16 11:42:22 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by espritmakomako ]  

It's my first time to post a question here. I honestly have no idea about what to do. Anyway please read this excerpt I got from wikipedia. (pardon my english, it's not my native tongue. I'm a Filipino from Philippines)

The hoop snake is a legendary creature of the United States, Canada and Australia. The hoop snake appears in the Pecos Bill stories; although it is his description of hoop snakes with which most people are most familiar, stories of the creature predate those fictional tales considerably. Several sightings of the hoop snake have been alleged along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border in the St. Croix River valley and in Wake County in North Carolina and in Kamloops, British Columbia. (See fearsome critters.)
According to folklore, the distinguishing feature of a hoop snake is that it can grasp its tail in its jaws and roll after its prey like a wheel, thus looking somewhat like the ouroboros of Greek mythology, or Tsuchinoko (a legendary fat snake that can roll like a wheel) in Japan. In one version of the myth, the snake straightens out at the last second, skewering its victim with its venomous tail. The only escape is to hide behind a tree, which receives the deadly blow instead and promptly dies from the poison.
The hoop snake is mentioned in a letter from 1784 (published in Tour in the U.S.A., Vol. I, p. 263-65. London):
“ As other serpents crawl upon their bellies, so can this; but he has another method of moving peculiar to his own species, which he always adopts when he is in eager pursuit of his prey; he throws himself into a circle, running rapidly around, advancing like a hoop, with his tail arising and pointed forward in the circle, by which he is always in the ready position of striking.
It is observed that they only make use of this method in attacking; for when they fly from their enemy they go upon their bellies, like other serpents. From the above circumstance, peculiar to themselves, they have also derived the appellation of hoop snakes.

Sightings are still occasionally reported, even though the existence of the hoop snake has never been accepted by the scientific community. Naturalist Raymond Ditmars placed $10,000 in trust at a New York bank for the first person to provide evidence of a hoop snake. Some have suggested that is a distorted description of the sidewinder of the American southwest, or of mud snakes, which will occasionally lie in a loose hoop shape. It is also possible that the hoop snake is an embellishment of actual instances of snakes swallowing their own tails. Photographic examples of this are readily found on the Internet today.


And so I talked about this stuff to my friend, who at first couldn't believe me. According to him, hoop snakes are a common sight in his father's hometown, a little bit far from ours. I showed him about that information on hoop snake and so we hatched a plan to capture one and then be sent to someone who has any knowledge about how to claim that reward in New York bank. It will be only a matter of time before we can catch it, but I just have to make sure if that reward still exists to this day.

This is not a joke. My friend keeps on coming back to our house asking if i already contacted someone about that reward thing. He already contacted his father about that and he is 100% sure they can catch it. So I have to do my part right now.

By the way, aside from hoop snake deemed to be mythical, there are also two other allegedly "legendary" snakes that exist in the same area, i bet you guys know this. One is the crowing snake, which is a snake that has a head of a rooster and it also crows, hence the name crowing snake. Another is a creature called in our language as "banakon" sometimes called as Philippine King Cobra. This snake reaches to about 18 feet in length and said to be very dangerous, it chases anybody who enters it's territory and on some occassions, it knocks on the doors and attacks any person who opens it. It's distinguishing features are it's diamond-shaped head, and it's two limblike protrusions (much like a leg) in the middle of it's body. It is said to aid the snake's movement, allowing it to crawl at a very fast pace compared to other snakes, though not as fast as an average human.

I've read most of the pages in the net about hoop snakes many people do not believe such creature exist. So I guess the best solution is to capture a live one in order for us to set the facts straight. Again, guys this is not a joke. If there is someone who can help me, please just post your email address or just pm me. That's just all i need. Please DO NOT TROLL on this. I will wait for your answers. Thank you and have a nice day.


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