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Taking care of your Pet Iguana

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Posted by: rajendran1 at Mon Sep 17 15:45:49 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by rajendran1 ]  

If this is your first pet iguana, you are probably excited and want to know how to give best care to this great-looking exotic pet iguana. The Iguanas are extremely dependent on their immediate environment so you must always have to remember this if you are caring a pet iguana.

If the environment is ideal to grow, the pet iguana can grow healthy as quickly as you like and, in some cases, an inadequately regulated terrarium can also cause premature deaths in pet iguana . Here are some basic pet iguana care guidelines to get you started:

1. As a new pet owner, it is highly recommended that you have to look for reading real books that tackle proper handling, housing, feeding, and care of your pet Iguana. Iguanas are tropical lizards and can easily succumb to cold climates.

You need to learn more about these lizards if you want your pet iguana to grow to its maximum size and captivity. Successful iguana owners have been known to raise giant Iguanas that reach up to six feet in length. You can do this too, if you know how to provide ideal care to these reptiles.

2. Internet sometimes is not a place which provides exact information, so be careful when reading stuff on reptile care forums. Sometimes even well-meaning websites can provide wrong information.

If you find any suspicious information, consult with a published reference and compare the online information with printed information. In the end, your specialized knowledge will help you shift through facts that surround the proper care of your pet Iguanas.
3. Believe it or not, Iguanas feel much stressed in their new homes for the first time. Your pet Iguanas will obviously not talk, and it can only use body language to communicate what it is feeling or thinking.

Do not attempt to hold or pat your pet iguana when you bring it home. If you want to show it to your friend, postpone that till it gets customized to you.

The Iguana has to get used to its new home first, before it can deal with the idea of being tamed. Note that Iguanas are not used to being held by humans, so there is a real risk of being bitten or hit by its tail. This applies to both young Iguanas and adult Iguanas.

4. Your pet iguana, like any other pet, will require medical help in the future. Before buying an iguana, it is best to locate a veterinarian that specializes in reptiles or exotic pet Iguana in your area.

Make sure that you have to know about nearest veterinarian’s clinic from your home so you can rush your pet Iguana to his/her clinic during emergencies.

5. The best food that you can give your pet Iguana is fresh vegetables and plant matter. You can give it some commercial food purchased online, or from your local pet store, but please, make it a point to give your Iguana a variety of nutritious vegetables so it won’t suffer from malnutrition. Malnutrition is probably the number one cause of Iguana's health problems. People adopt these creatures simply for its majestic appearance and they also make great pets because they can actually recognize their owners, and they know how to interact with their caregivers once they have been properly trained.

It is also an unfortunate fact that only a small percentage of Iguana owners are aware of the proper way of taking care of an Iguana.

It is easy enough to buy an Iguana, because these reptiles are widely available in America, and you can even place an order online for more exotic species to be shipped directly to your home from foreign suppliers.

You have to take very much care on the Iguanas by providing specific requirements in captivity, but the fact is that the most of the owners are not aware of taking care of Iguanas. So even the hardiest Iguanas will not last long in captivity.

There are some misconceptions on the care of Iguanas. The most common misconception is that it is okay to feed Iguana only lettuce or cabbage on a daily basis. But the reality is that these feeding would not be enough because the Iguanas roam around and takes plant matter from many different species of plants.

Cabbage and lettuce are good and have very sparse in nutrients, so feeding only lettuce will probably result in nutrient and electrolyte imbalances in your Iguana. So, always remember to feed your reptile a variety of vegetables daily, so it won’t suffer from malnutrition.
The second most common misconception is that Iguanas can use heating rocks in captivity.

It is true that Iguanas need heat to digest their food but using heating rock is the worst thing to do because the heat produced in those types of rocks are more and it will burn your reptiles.

It is enough to install some fluorescent bulbs in the Iguana habitat if you want to provide your Iguana with proper heating, and make sure to keep ambient temperature inside the habitat so you know if your setup is successful in stabilizing the temperature. Iguanas thrive in habitats that have an ambient temperature of 79 to 90 degrees.

The third misconception that first-time owners have about these reptiles is that they’re very low maintenance.

Iguanas can be low maintenance pets only if you give them proper care daily, and if their habitat has been properly heated and supplied with the right accessories.
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Taking care of your Pet Iguana


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