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Gonatodes albogularis fuscus Project

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Posted by: DocOp at Mon Oct 1 22:14:57 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by DocOp ]  

Well, initially I didn't want to post about this project in too much detail until I got some good shots of the adults but that is proving hard, so I am going to just post this few photos of the hatchlings, set-ups, etc.

Purchased 4.4 of the recent imported WC animals that came in this spring in an attempt to get a few some CB offspring established. I have always been fascinating in keeping Gonatodes since catching a few species in Ecuador back in 2008 and I wanted to try something a little different for me (mostly snake keeper). This group is a join-project between myself and a two individuals I used to work with.

Anyway, I keep them in 10 gallon vertical cages with plenty of cork bark and live plants to provide hiding places. I am using 13w florescent bulbs for a photo-period and some heat (12:12). Keep them in the 77-84F range during the summer as its cooled a little recently.

My first egg was laid on the weekend of August 3rd (while I was out of town), which hatched on the weekend of 22-sept-2012 (again, while out of town). I couldn't remove the egg from the enclosure due to placement (high up on cork bark) so I just removed the adult male when the egg hatched.



My second egg was laid on the 8th of August (I was in town for this one) and hatched on the 30th of September (again, I was in town for this one), thus 53 days of incubation at about 76-78F. I incubated this egg in a seperate set-up (could easily remove the egg, laid in leaf litter and soil). Incubation time was about the same for egg #1.


Incubation set-up:

Morning after hatching while in incubation set-up:

Second hatchling, not even a day old:

The third egg was laid on the 14th of September and I am estimating a hatching date of October the 6th if this egg says consistent with #1 and #2.

Unfortunately, I did have some issues. One of my females came in with mild 'red bugs' and died within a couple weeks of getting them. I chalked it up to them being WC and figured I did all I could - and this could still be the case. But after the first female laid egg #1, she died about a week later. Then, the female that laid egg #2 died about a week later. Anyway, I was slightly confused as both seemed to be eating and doing great. Well, after I noticed egg #3 I started feeding that female everyday, huge amounts of bean beetles and fruit flies. I plan to work some small crickets into the mix soon. Anyway,she is still doing really well and has grown a lot and put back all the weight she lost from laying her egg. I am starting to cool them down so they can save resources for next season (will separate the pair next month). I really don't want to push anything with them.

When I first got them I did a group fecal. One sample that consisted for several fecals, not all the individuals were accounted for in that fecal but most. They turned out to be really clear/clean fecals. I haven't noticed any 'red bugs' since that first female that had them died when I first got them 4 pairs.

Anyway, that is the story with this project. I don't have any good shots of the adults as they are super easy to spook, hatchlings seem to tolerate a lot more attention. The week old is quite curious and only seems to run off when I open the cage.

Anyone else working with this species or group, interested in swapping information, thanks! There really isn't that much on the internet about this group; at least available in English that is!
Hope you enjoyed!


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