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Bill HR511 / Constrictor Ban

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Posted by: Bennett3203 at Sat Oct 27 23:05:10 2012  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Bennett3203 ]  

So there's a bill HR511 that will be going to the House of Representatives for a vote soon. Its to add Reticulated Pythons, Indian Pythons, Boa Constrictors, and 2 species of Anaconda's to the Lacey Act. The Lacey Act was created to stop invasive species from getting loose and hurting our evnviroment and native populations of animals. I'm going to list why I think this would be bad for everyone, but...let me say first that if you want to help you can go online and write to your congressman saying that you are against HR511 or even better find the phone number and call them. You always get a voice mail when you call and can just leave a message. Please don't yell, curse, or name call on the message. Just say your are against bill HR511 because it will not only be bad on our industry but also will hurt our economy and job market with the trickle down effect the ban will cause. You can also go to and make a donation. These are the only people we have lobbying against these bills to make pet ownership illegal or impossible. They have a small budget and all the money is used to help us keep our pets!

There is a small population of BURMESE pythons in the very southern tip of FL. They got loose from a large breeding facility that was destroyed during huricane katrina. They can just barely survive there and its physically impossible for them to leave there or survive anywhere else in the country. They have been there for 7 years and can't move north because temps are too low. Last year temps got lower than usual in the southern tip of FL and the majority of the Burmese pythons that are their died. The state of Florida made it illegal to own or sell burmese pythons and that should have been the end of it! However, the US fish and wildlife service decided to push a bill to place 9 species of constricting snakes to the Lacey Act. This year they suceeded in placing 4 of the 9 species (Burmese Python, Northern African Python, Southern African Python, & Yelow Anaconda) on the Lacey Act. Let me mention that this was after they failed trying to make these snakes illegal because they are dangerous animals. Science and the facts did not prove their claim and there bill was denied. So they go another route and say these snakes are an invasive species and want to add them to the Lacey Act. This is just people that are against pet ownership trying to destroy our hobby. If you want to know who is fighting to stop all of us from keeping pets in our home here is the list: US fish and wildlife service, HSUS, PETA, Born Free, ASPCA, & The Defenders of Wildlife. They want all animals in the wild and no animals kept in our home. Since captive animals can't be placed back in the wild that means YOUR PETS will die if their ownership is made illegal. Make sure you are not donating money to the wrong people. HSUS has very sad commercials with dogs at kennels asking for $19.99 a month in donations. Read the fine print to find out the money is used to lobby for laws to make all animal ownership illegal! Know your enemies.

Now they want to add the other 5 species of constcting snake to the Lacey Act with bill HR511 (Reticulated Pythons, Indian Pythons, Boa Constrictorss, & 2 species of Anaconda) These species are not and have not been loose anywhere in the US and they have been importing them into the US since the 70's! Did I mention that room temperature of a house is to cold for them to survive. Many that don't know reptiles think its winter that kills pythons or boas that get loose. A cold day in summer could kill them so why are they trying to list them under an act to prevent invasive species???

The pet industry brings in 49 Billion dollars a year, 73 million people in the US own a pet, and 13 million of those pets are reptile pets. That makes reptiles 18% of the industry and 9.8 billion dollars a year spent in the US on reptile pets and supplies! Why are they attacking these business owning American Citizens that are lucky to be able to make a living in this poor economy. They are about to put them out of business and the snakes are not an invasive species as temps get too cold for them to survive in the US. Now, these numbers only take into account pets and pet supplies that are sold. Lets talk about the electric company. The average reptile owner pays an extra $10 to $20 a month on their electric bill because of heat lamps, under tank heaters, uv bulbs, and space heaters. More and more people are buying pets every year. I know some reptile shops that spend $3,000 a month on their electric bill. Tell Com Ed to get ready for a HUGE hit in their monthly income. Not only will this close thousands of shops down but it will stop new people from buying the snakes on bill HR511. So Com Eds income takes a huge hit as shops close an unplug their equipment and Com Ed loses potential to grow income because new people will not be able to buy snakes listed on HR511. We saw the lack of sales happen after the burmese python was added to the list. The shops closed down, people that were selling leucistics burmese pythons for $1,500 each last year can't even sell the stock of rare Leucistics Burmese Pythons because few people want to own a snake that has been banned/placed on the Lacey Act. Now lets talk about the other sales that will be affected by this ban. Less people will buy space heaters, wood (to build wooden cages and racks to hold cages), shelving, glass for cage doors and aquarium cages, plastic tubs/rubermaids, brushes and cleaning supplies to clean cages, the building that are rented for reptile business's, builders that put up buildings used for reptile related purposes, plus rodent breeders will be put out of business and stop spending for all their requirements, and i'm sure I missed more. Do you have any idea how many jobs of American Citizens that don't even own a reptile are about to be lost!!!??? All this to list species of snakes that have never been invasive and literally can't survive in the US to an act that is there to prevent invasive species. Reject this bill so these American Citizens can keep their jobs and our economy can continue to recover! ACT RIGHT NOW! Once they vote on this bill its too late! Now is the time for petitions, emails, celebrity supporters, call your congressman, STOP HR 511!!!


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