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despiccable human being

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Posted by: scottsolar at Sat Jan 19 16:34:57 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by scottsolar ]  

This from facebook:

USARK and Andrew Wyatt Questions Answered Here

There is a lot of controversy and questions about what has been going on between Andrew Wyatt, Erica Walsh, USARK and myself. It's time to set the record straight. No more rumors, no more guessing. Although I don't like being the focal point of any of this, I am, and have resigned myself to this fact. So, here are the facts.
I was informed by a close friend who happens to have access to all kinds of herp related information that Erica Walsh accused me of being a pedophile. She claimed that I was arrested and convicted of this, and was incarcerated for this crime. This of course is completely false, and in fact I have never been arrested for anything in my life. Ever. I have never been accused of being a pedophile, or any other crime.

I contacted governing members of USARK and objected to being slandered, libeled and having my character defamed. At the USARK meeting on the Friday before the NARBC in Tinley, members of USARK met to discuss the accusations about me that were made by Erika Walsh being false, and her continued assistance to USARK. The USARK board was given few details to what was said but Andrew and Erika both knew the whole sorted story, that it was false, weeks before the USARK meeting. Friday afternoon Andrew Wyatt told someone during the show the same lie he knew to be false about me. This information got brought to Bob Ashley's attention Saturday night after the auction. Bob Ashley brought this to two USARK board members the next morning as well as to Brian Potter and Erika Walsh. Andrew Wyatt was asked by a USARK board member to leave the show early and go home.

I agreed with the USARK board to allow Andrew to stay on with USARK until the end of the year, allowing for him to represent our hobby and industry in Washington DC pertaining to HR511 before I filed a personal slander/libel suit against Andrew Wyatt and Erica Walsh. Once the end of the year came, Andrew "resigned" from USARK, and quickly announced his new group. I did not want to involve the board members of USARK in this lawsuit but the character of Walsh and Wyatt should be exposed.
These are all facts, are documented, have witnesses and can't be refuted.

Now for my own personal take on all this. I'm not worried about my reputation, as it is solid, and I have nothing to hide. Andrew was fired from his $80,000 a year job traveling expenses because of saying an idiotic and untrue thing about me. He has now started a new group to directly compete for funding with USARK to regain his $80,000 a year salary I feel that Andrew Wyatt can't be trusted with our hard earned money, and our best bet is to continue to support USARK and PJAC with our funding. Andrew Wyatt is dishonest and self promoting, and is obviously not looking out for our best interests in our hobby and industry.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Thanks, Ken
Exotic Pets LLC
2410 N. Decatur #160
Las Vegas NV 89108
(702) 631-7387
fx (702) 631-7367

It seems a lawyer used her status as an officer of the court to access non-public records to the detriment of a well respected member of the herp community. She should be dis-barred.


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