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Litter #9

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Posted by: boxienuts at Tue May 14 23:28:18 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by boxienuts ]  

This was a surprising litter. The female dam is het Iowa strain albino red-sided which is a new strain of red-sided. Scott Felzer produced the het female two years ago by breeding the original wild caught Iowa albino red-sided female to an anerythristic male 66% poss. het. Kansas albino. The male sire of this litter was a double het Kansas strain albino and anerythristic (aka het snow). The Iowa strain albino is a very dark looking albino and it was believed that the Iowa strain and Kansas strain would not be compatible since they looked so different. However this litter produced 3 albinos and one anerythristic. The dam is 100% het for Iowa strain but had a chance to also be het for Kansas strain, since her father was an anerythristic male 66% poss. het. albino. Therefor we can not be sure if the Iowa albino and Kansas albino are compatible or not. It will be interesting to see as these albino grow if they look more like the Kansas strain albino of the Iowa strain albino. Ended up with 3 albinos, 1 anerythristic, and 8 normal. Unfortunately, no snows were produced, no slugs, but there was one stillborn anerythristic.

Initially in Febuary I did this breeding #1 because I did not have a male het iowa albino #2 I wanted to see if Iowa and Kansas are compatible albino strains #3 this would be a great outcrossing, compatible or not. So, I bred a double het for Kansas albino and anery (aka het snow)
So, fastfoward to yesterday, when I saw that there were albinos I immediately thought cool the two albino types are compatible. I called Scott Felzer to give him the news and I also wasn't expecting an anerythristic in the litter either. So, I asked him if there was a possibility that the dams father would have been het anery (which obviously the dam is het for Iowa albino AND anery)
Turns out that the dams mom was the original wild caught Iowa albino and the dams dad was an anerythristic, who's parents where both double hets (snow), making him 66% poss het. for Kansas albino as well.
So, bottom line is there is a slim chance that my female is het Iowa albino, het anerythristic, AND is also possibly het Kansas strain albino. Therefore, we can't be 100% positive it this litter proved out that the Kansas and Iowa strains are compatible or if I just proved out that the is het Kansas albino.
I think as these guys get some size that will give us more insight, because if they look more like the Iowa albino which looks very different than Kansas, then it may be that they are compatible and one copy each yields an animal that looks more like Iowa strain. This would be similar to the Candy/Toffee in ball pythons crossed to regular albinos and producing the Candinos/Toffinos. You can find a lot of information on that. Below is pictures of Iowa 1st then a pic of Kansas

Jeff Benfer


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