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GTP Urgent help needed

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Posted by: SLindsey92 at Tue Jul 2 21:26:34 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by SLindsey92 ]  

First, i'm sorry this post will be very long, and thank you for those of you who take the time to read it and respond. Second, please note that I am looking for a vet so if you know of one in the East Texas area I will gladly take recommendations as I keep getting "we don't see that type of snake" from all the 'reptile' vets around here.

In February my husband agreed for Valentines day that I could spend the money to buy a Green Tree Python, something I have wanted for several years. The excitement began and I contacted Ben Siegel Reptiles as I have had several snakes from him and they have been amazing animals- I pick one out, they even agree to hold the snake for me the following 2 weeks while i'm waiting for my tanks to arrive to our new house. Score! So March 7th my little AruXBiak arrives and i'm SOOO excited- after finding out her feeding schedule, I go purchase the needed things (new water bowl, substrate, and a humidifier. She was in a 12x12x14 exo with a screen door and a screen top- this didnt hold humidity worth a crap so she is now in a 10x10x12 exo with a screen top, but solid doors. She has two perches available, the top stays between 83-85 degrees, the second perch stays around 79-81 degrees and the bottom of the tank is maintained around 77. Humidity is a constant 65-75% with maximums twice daily of 95% with misting. We maintain this by misting, heat mat under water dish and having a wet towel between the screen part of her tank and the heat lamp. The Lady at Ben's told me they fed weekly so March 12 I fed a F/T pinky, she ate fine but regurgitated it- I contributed this to stress at first. I later contacted Ben about minor skin folds and was instructed that I was using a too hot bulb for her tank size and went and bought the 25watt that was recommended. April 18th Contacted them again due to her still not eating, at this point I had tried braining, wiggling, heating the head, teasing and even live. Was informed it was due to feeding her in a different enclosure, and that she was eating fine when they shipped her and had even ate for me once.... so I followed the instructions of wait 5 days (ignore her these days) and try again in her tank. attempted this 3 times and still got no feeding response. On April 26th I discovered what looked to be the start of scale rot on the very tip of her nostril, applied rot guard. On May 5th the spot was getting bigger and looked worse, so I sent pictures to Ben and simply received the response "too humid". on June 16th the lady I buy my mice from gave me the number of a guy in Dallas who breeds Chondros who instructed me to do a 30 minute soak every 3 days in Duramycin, which would eliminate both scale and mouth rot. She seemed dehydrated so we began to administer water daily outside her tank. She was improving, than on June 23rd she seemed to overnight become lethargic and very wrinkled again. Soaked her for 45 minutes in straight water, than soaked her daily to re-hydrate continuing antibiotic and waiting on her to shed. Her eyes have been hazy since the end of may. I have found several reptile vets in the area but all give me the same response of they do not see that type of snake, as of may 22 she is 16" long her perching posture is normal, and she moves around in her cage some what- typically just turning her body to face the other direction. I am close to Tyler Texas, willing to travel to Dallas, or Shreveport if need be- The following is her record since I received her.

March 7- arrived
March 12- Fed & regurgitated
March 28- Bm, VERY watery
March 30- Shed, dry had to remove by soaking and peeling it off.
March 30- Bm, normal
April 7- rejected mouse (no interest)
April 15- rejected mouse (no interest)
April 16- Bm, normal
April 17- rejected mouse (still no interest)
April 19- Bm, minimal amount
April 20- rejected mouse (no interest)
April 22- rejected mouse (showed some interest)
*would flick tongue over but never would strike*
April 25- rejected mouse (no interest)
April 28- force fed (mouse inserted into the snakes mouth until she swallowed)
May 1- Bm, very dry and hard
May 4- force fed
May 7- Bm, normal
May 8- rejected mouse (no interest)
May 14- Bm, normal
May 15- rejected mouse (no interest)
May 21- Shed, dry again removed with water and peeling
May 22- 16" long
May 25- force fed
May 31- Bm, normal
June 3- Bm, normal
June 19- force fed
June 24- Bm, small amount
June 26- Bm, normal
July 1- rejected food (no interest)

April-rot guard treatment & soaking
June 17- Duramycin 10
45 minute soak
June 18- Water
20 minute soak
June 20- Duramycin 10
45 minute soak
June 21- water
3 10ml syringes by mouth (oral syringes used for administering medication to children held up to mouth creating a 'drip' of water)
June 24- Duramycin 10
45 minute soak
June 26- Water
20 minute soak
2 10ml syringes by mouth
June 27- Water
2 10ml syringes by mouth
June 30- Duramycin 10
20 minute soak
July 2- water
30 minute soak
2 10ml syringes by mouth

If anyone can explain how to upload pictures I will do so- she is looking rough, open to all suggestions- Doesn't seem like the breeder is going to be much more help but I have emailed him as well. I will try my best to answer any and all questions that might help in finding the cause to this problem- just want my little girl to get feeling better.



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