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Pricing insanity. Some solutions.

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Posted by: TheTruth at Tue Dec 3 16:38:15 2013  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by TheTruth ]  

Unless you have been living under a rock you know what I'm talking about. We have not seen price crashes like these since the Mojave. That doesn't really count since it was done on purpose. What can we all do? Here is a few of my thoughts.

Let's start with your new morph pricing. You've proved out your squiggly pattern with a hint of peach coloring. You've picked out your fancy name and you're ready to sell it. You make sure you go to all the forums to show off your squiggy peach(name). Now you're ready to sell. Since it's yours you think it's worth millions. You want top dollar and a couple people whose favorite color is peach might buy it. You're happier than a cockroach at McDonalds. You just made tens of thousands from a 10 dollar normal dinker. Now you're a player. Or are you?

You decide to sell a few more so you can get that new fancy car. Where are your buyers? The first couple sold so easy. Now you're posting and posting trying to sell the next one and nothing. People see this. People see you can't sell squiggy peach. You decide to drop the price a few dollars. You got 15k for the first two males. You're not gonna complain with another 12k. People see this also. Your first buyers see this and begin to worry so they call you. If you're smart you realize you're heading down hill fast. Most of you are not though. You decide you can do what you want, it's your morph. Now the first two buyers are mad and talking to their friends. These friends will never be buyers of this morph now. The end is near. Now you have racks and racks of squiggy peach and no buyers. You did make that big money at first, but now you can't give them away even though the squiggy peach is kinda cool.

A better plan would have been to put a more realistic price on it that more people can afford. This seems obvious, but not to everyone. Anyone see the movie about Steve Jobs life when he wanted to sell the Mac cheaper so more could afford it. This is obviously a little different, but you get the idea.

All you need to do is look at the OD. It started out around 5k and the combos are still running strong. Of course the combos are awesome so that helps, but the OD itself is not all that. The desert is another example. It did not start out really high and was staying steady until it became obvious to even the people blinded by the real truth that females were infertile. If these morphs started at 20k they would have crashed fast and scared people away from investing. Let's be honest, we are investing when we buy a new morph. These morphs probably would still seel because they are so nice, but I have seen other nice morphs I like crash because they were priced too high to start.

There is another plan I've never heard anyone talk about. If you have a cool new morph and want the big money first you can tell your buyers they are paying more to be first, but next year you are coming out at a lower price. I realize some will argue this is price fixing, but let's keep it real, it's done all the time in this business. It's done with sunglasses also. Stores can't sell them below a certain number or they will be cut off. Obviously we can't do that, but if this agreement is made nobody is going to be arrested.

One more thing. I am not a fan of FB auctions for bread and butter morphs. I can see dumping those hard to sell animals, but some animals just shouldn't have a world wide low price set on them. Once people see that price they'll always want to pay that price. I have seen this happen many times lately. People have told me a price they have seen and will not pay more.

It really seems like it's only a matter of time. Many of you remember what happened with the mojave. I can see a large breeder with the resources and collection totally tanking prices on his way out the door because he's so fed up. I realize there will never be complete sanity in this hobby/business, but a gal/guy can dream.


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