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Yea for team Alex and Zelda! NW1 title

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Posted by: perrtl at Wed May 11 20:05:37 2011  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by perrtl ]  

I’m so tickled to share that my hubby Alex and Zelda competed in their first Nosework trial... and titled!!

It was back on March 19 so I’m a little behind, but I wanted to be able to show a pictorial guide through the exterior search, which meant finding free time to edit the pictures. Yea, free time. LOL!!

You may have seen Carmen’s article in the scribe on Nosework. She and Rooney were the first to delve into it, in the Seattle area. When I found the classes would work for our RR I started him, in the Portland, OR area, and shortly after Alex joined in with Zelda. We’ve all been at it for about a year now.

On March 19/20 the first Nosework trial outside of CA was held in Vancouver, WA. Each day was a separate trial, overall 78 dog and handler teams competed, only 41 titled. It was a neat experience and I can’t wait to try again in June with our RR Dante’. We are also starting 8 yr old Kahla and puppy Sabia, who both are just as intense in this game as Zelda has proven to be.

Now, better late than never, here’s a little illustrated guide to Alex and Zelda’s exterior search element.

Here they are waiting in queue.

You wait at the queue station before proceeding to the next and on to the element you are scheduled for. There are four elements you will complete in the trial; container, vehicle, interior, and exterior.

Once at the element you get a short briefing and can take a moment to collect yourself (and chant internally “trust your dog, trust your dog, trust your dog”). Once you cross the start line your time starts, you have three minutes, and don’t call it wrong or you’re out. A smart handler will immediately head to the point downwind. Or in this case, it was already down wind...

Zelda takes off once she’s give the search command – “Find it”. Alex is drug along behind.

Zelda is “in odor” and on a mission! She heads straight for a picnic table, takes a loop around it and starts isolating the scent.

Zelda: Is it on the bench?

Zelda: Under the table?

Zelda: Yes, under the table, r i g h t . . . here.

Zelda: Hmm? He didn’t respond to me putting my nose on it… Well, let’s go through this again.

First she takes a tour around the play area, spending the majority of her time detailing the area downwind from the picnic table. When the timer calls 30 seconds left Alex asks her to go back to the table.

Zelda: Reconfirm, not on the bench.

(a fair amount of teams called on this “fringe” odor, which means you don’t pass)

Zelda: Oh, Hi Mom! What are you doing way over there? Did you come to watch me?
Alex: Zelda, find it.

Zelda: I already told you, it’s under the table.
Alex: I can’t see it, you’ll have to tell me exactly.

Zelda: Oh, yeah, right. It’s right here.
Alex: Alert! (Loud enough for the judge to hear through the wind.)

Zelda: Yes, sing my praise! Come on, let me hear it!

Zelda: Why thank you Mr Judge, Lt. Fabian, master of arson detection with Lila who is expert in 26 accelerants in arson detection with Portland Fire & Rescue.

Zelda: What do you think mom?
Tab, from a distance, behind the camera: Good Girl Z! *beaming grin*

Judge: Reward your dog. (a reminder)
Alex: *oops*

Always reward as close to source as possible, about 1 inch from the tin.

One very pleased and proud Pharaoh girl who knows she did a good job. She and Alex make a great team.

Here are a couple pictures from their vehicle search.

This is Zelda's normal Alert behavior. She finds source, puts her nose on it and then whips her head around to give you full ears - Got it!

At NW1 the dog does not have to present a distinct alert, the handler just has to be able to say where it is. Many teams missed titling as the handler called alert on the bench, where the wind pushed the scent and it pooled. Alex was smart to wait to call the exterior until he knew where it was.

Fun notes: My dad is in the brown vest watching in the background and the white car was gramma’s car. An old 1991 Chrysler New Yorker made the perfect vehicle to use with the magnetic tin holding the birch scented q-tip.


owned by Kahla, Dante' and Sabia

FC Nefer-Temu Kahlua RAE2 MC CGC FCh TT HIC
K-Tai Dante' RE SC HIC ORT1
Nefer-Temu Samba Sabia RN


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