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Posted by: Farao_Anubis_Kaliber at Tue May 13 09:28:17 2014  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Farao_Anubis_Kaliber ]  

When success in show rings is all that matters and ambitions come more important than what is best for the breed.

I really thought I wouldn't need to re-visit this subject because it`s very painful for me and at the same time so clear that one would think that even a total idiot would understand.

Apparantly that`s not the case since people keep breeding my epileptic pharaoh hound`s littermates.

Kenya`s official name was Farao Anubis Kaliber. His sire was Farao Anubis Kahiro (Pi) and dam was Hallam Farao Anubis Elodie Ramzi (Babe). There were 6 puppies (4 males & 2 females) in Kenya`s litter and all except Kenya went to breeders:

Farao Anubis Golden Gate (Roger) owner: Maria Westman kennel Farao Anubis in Sweden
Farao Anubis Crusader (Mogge) owners: Izabella Borkowicz kennel Kobo from Poland & Adéla Szabó Kennel El Negma from Czech Republic
Farao Anubis Ramiro (Hayden) owners: Dominic Carota and Stephen Sipperly kennel Hallam`s in United States
Farao Anubis I`m All Ears (Violet) owners: Laura Hughes-Williams and Kendra Williams kennel Desert Phoenix in United States
Farao Anubis Infra Red (Päshis) owner Maria Westman kennel Farao Anubis from Sweden & Anastasija Smolova kennel Whisper Of Sand from Latvia

Kennel Farao Anubis was notified of Kenya`s epilepsy on March 15th 2010. Kennel Hallam`s was notified of Kenya`s epilepsy on June 1st 2010. I have sent all Kenya`s medical papers to his breeder. Kennel El Negma were notified after I noticed that Mogge had been used for breeding in Poland and there were 2 more litters planned for him but the owner of kennel El Negma already knew about Kenya`s epilepsy.

I sadly have absolutely no doubt that all these European breeders who have used Kenya`s littermates for breeding knew about his epilepsy. No-one has appeared shocked to learn about it. Unfortunately there`s still after 1(?) litter from Crusader & 2(?) litters from Golden Gait more litters coming:

Kennel KOBO litter in Poland
Ando (m)
Altan (m)
Auratus (m)
Aseret (f)
Amate - exported to Czech Republic (f)
Andromeda (f)
Alegra (f)
Ariniti (f)
Anahita (f)
Aditi (f)
Breeder: Iza Borkowicz
Sire: Farao Anubis Crusader
Dam: Arabian Jasmin El Negma
Born: 2. June 2011

Kennel NAQADA litter in United Kingdom
Shaken Not Stirred (m)
T'World is not Enough - exported to Czech Republic (m)
A View To A Kill (m)
Never Say Never (m)
For Your Eyes Only at Tyyskol (f)
Diamonds Are For Ever - exported to Russia (f)
Breeder: Marie Richmond
Sire: Farao Anubis Golden Gait
Dam: Farao Anubis Shakira
Born: 13. July 2011

Kennel BAHAR litter in Latvia
Rolex Miro Faranubis (m)
Royal Flush Faranubis (m)
Remember Me Faranubis - exported to Sweden (f)
Rising Sun Faranubis - exported to Estonia (f)
Roxbury Faranubis (f)
There were 4 females in this litter so obviously someone is missing.
Breeder: Oksana Arupa
Sire: Farao Anubis Golden Gait
Dam: Ribessita Shamise-Amise
Born: 24. September 2011

Kennel SHARQIYA litter in Denmark
breeder: Tenna Dahl
Sire: Farao Anubis Golden Gait
Dam: Sharqiya American Dreams Come True
Born: ?

Kennel WHISPER OF SAND litter in Latvia
Breeder: Anastasija Smolova
Sire: Northgate's King of the Ring
Dam: Farao Anubis Infra Red

How these litters were advertised:

Naqada: "So off we trot to The Club Show and AGM (ear still not quite healed)
WELL would you believe it, I was elected Club Chairman, before you say Oh, well done, I was the only one standing. So I'll have a busy few years ahead of me. On to the show and Maria had once again made the trip from Sweden, so in the BD line up, I handled 'Plupp' not so good this time he was leaning back from me, so once again 'Roger' triumphed, his 2nd CC, this time, he went all the way to Best In Show. So now I find myself awaiting a litter sired by the beautiful young 'Roger' and Zilo's equally lovely sister 'Gulan' in July, I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, Zilo's ear, Finally!!!!

NEWS FLASH 13 July bang on expected date Gulan and Roger had 6 puppies 2 more that the scan showed, YEH HAAA!

FANTASTIC NEWS JUST IN, FARAO ANUBIS GOLDEN GAIT, AKA ROGER, WENT B.I.S. SKOKLOSTER AT THE SWEDISH SIGHT HOUND SHOW. This show is the Crufts of the Sight Hound World, hope his pups do him justice in the future.

Dog World Top Dog Rankings Farao Anubis Golden Gait aka Roger is the half way leader Pharaoh Hound, Yeah way to go daddy, from his UK brood xx

Great News, Ch Farao Anubis Golden Gait, Bobo, Shorty and Reef's daddy had a great time at The Nordic Winners Show, DCC BOB and Hound Group 1, Maria also won the breeders group, the pups are very pleased for their daddy.

We are very pleased that CH. Farao Anubis Golden Gait has been ranked 13th in the Swedish Top 100 Show Dog of The Year for 2011 All Breeds. He scored his points and ranking from just one qualifying show, the only other Pharaoh Hound in this list had been to about 20 shows!!! Imagine where he might have finished if he'd been shown more last year."

Bahar: "The litter has a very interesting pedigree including the best of Swedish and American bloodlines! Serious enquiries from great homes are welcome!" "A great possibility to obtain a high quality PH puppy, both pedigreewise and conformationwise. Both parents are very beautiful, and sweet natured/temperament."

Sharkiya: "The ultrasound showed a huge litter and we are taking reservations for both
Performance and pet homes. We expect this litter to have the sweetest temperment and be of very high quality for show and Lure coursing." "We are looking for a co-owner for a bitch with great showquality. Showpeople prefered."

As You can see a lot about shows & success but not a word about littermate`s hereditary epilepsy.
When Kenya got ill it came as a surprise to everyone that pharaoh hounds could have this disease. That`s what makes me wonder if it`s so rare why are we so unable not to use that litter for breeding? If we can't put aside a litter in which there`s hereditary epilepsy then what are we able not to use for breeding? A litter in which a puppy is born without legs..? It`s not an achievent not to use the dog with epilepsy. It probably has big difficulties to do the task at hands anyway... to successfully breed & in case of a female pharaoh hound carry a full term pregnancy & take care of puppies adequately. The difficulty is: not to use his/hers littermates. There`s already seizuring dogs & dogs with seizuring littermates in almost every pharaoh hound`s pedigree so why on Earth does the self-appointed lovers of this breed want to add to that horrible finding? Why do they want to make such a drastic mistake and injustice for the breed they claim to love. I have no other answer than the biblical greed. The ambition to success in dog shows. If you think about money wise You will only loose the price of the breeding prospect puppy which turned out to be a littermate of epileptic dog. In US it`s around 1000$ though what I paid for Kenya was close to 1300€. Still small price to pay to be a true savior of the breed. To not be so damn greedy that You have to earn from Your investment. What those people who do not even own Kenya`s littermates but still considered it a good idea to use them thought is beyond me.

Of one thing I have been immensely proud of: No-one in US has used Kenya`s litter mates and for me that speaks volumes!!

I am the owner of Farao Anubis Kaliber. Kenya was put down because of idiopathic epilepsy at the age of 1 year & 5 months on August 18th 2010. I do not own any pharaoh hounds currently and my sincerest hope is that none of the progeny from Farao Anubis litter born on March 27th 2009 will be used for breeding. If people who breed them has no sense then please all of You who haven't yet mixed that litter and its offspring and the offspring of that offspring into your pharaoh hounds` pedigrees do not do that or we will have more epileptic pharaoh hounds in our dogs` pedigrees worldwide soon.

Thank You and please do not send me private messages since I was only popping by to let You know about the epilepsy issue incase You do not know which is actually hard to believe when the former president of your breed club has Kenya`s medical papers too and the health committee is well aware of the issue also.


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