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Trouble intro'ing 2 males. Insight?

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Posted by: Chresmomancer at Tue Jan 19 19:24:44 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by Chresmomancer ]  

Howdy everybody,
It's been years since I've been on here! I always found it a great resource for information, though, so here I am again.
And by the way, I could really use help by Saturday. Need to make my decision by then.

I've had several rats throughout the last 10 years. My first was a solo, but I was CONSTANTLY with him (he even came with me to school on my shoulder on a regular basis). My second two came from the same tank at the store (no luck finding breeders) and were both just peachy their whole lives. My next set of two were easy as PIE to introduce to each other, like good to go after just an afternoon together. So really, my introduction experience is admittedly limited and has been lucky thus far.
Now I have a total new issue on my hands.
We got two rats from the same tank about 3 weeks ago, a blonde hooded guy named Fujin and an agouti hooded slightly smaller fella named Alobar. Fujin ended up being the perfect male rat! He's affectionate, LOVES us to death, practically leaps out of the cage (if not out of it, then directly onto the wires of the wall)when he sees us, grooms, plays, etc. Alobar ended up being not so fantastic. He was super introverted, and not too nice because he never stopped nipping at us and was constantly over-dominating Fujin. When he gnawed all the hair off Fujin's back and only got worse about trying to escape all the time, we took him back to the store and tried to find another docile guy. We brought home a black hooded gorgeous silky soft guy we call Squee. Squee and Fujin were great at first! We did everything right - cleaned both the cages, supervised introductions and play, bathed our guy (needed it badly anyway...), distracted with treats, rewarded good behavior, gave it PLENTY of time, etc. etc.
Squee and Fujin got along great! They had their wrestling matches here and there of course, going back and forth between who's boss (Fujin ended up winning gently in the end) We finally felt comfortable letting them spend a night together with a dim light on and with our door open to hear any commotion. They were good for about 3 solid days and 2 nights with no problems until last night. Squee went berserko on Fujin! I woke up at 5 this morning to a crash and a bunch of squeaks. I ran out to the room, Fujin was on the second level looking terribly freaked out. Squee was on the lower level, hair all puffed up, back still slightly arched, not looking good. I took Fujin out immediately and blood tricked down my hand from where I'm guessing Squee ripped his hind right first toenail out. He had a few deep cuts along his back and one bite on his belly. We cleaned him up immediately and administered first aid and put him in a separate sterile tank.

So now, I have an injured rat (though he'd never admit this, he's acting just peachy and happy now) on one hand and a sweet but surprisingly unpredictably aggressive guy on the other. We have til Saturday to make a decision about either exchanging one more time or just getting a refund.
I want a friend for Fujin because my significant other and I both have full time jobs. I get home in the evenings around 6ish and he gets home around 4ish. We have time to play with the rats in the evenings, but that doesn't make up for all the lonely time during the day!

Anyone have any advice or insight, or sound familiar to anything you've experienced? Any help would be appreciated (especially BY Saturday)


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