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RE: A Few Questions

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Posted by: PHIggysbirds at Thu Apr 30 23:37:33 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHIggysbirds ]  

Amazons- Blue fronted, Double yellow head, yellow fronted Okay I have been around many amazons, I am owned by a few and have worked with them through the rescue. I haven't had in any yellow fronted so I can't give you personal experience with them. I have currently three blue fronted and each are very different from each other. One is an eight year old male he is very talkative, very loud when wanting attention, loves to scream and shout if he feels he is being ignored. He will step up (we are working on temperment he was never handled before) and will allow some handling but is quite skittish and will bite if given the least provocation. The next is a twelve year old male. He is extremely quiet, talks quiet, doesn't scream except for about five-ten minutes in the morning as a greeting call and is more timid than aggressive. He will nip if surprised but shows no disposition to wanting to bite and will allow handling. He does seem to have an affinity for females and shows more aggression to males but this is due to previous living conditions. The last is a six year old female. She is more hyper than the others does talk but not with as much clarity, will holler greetings or flock calls but doesn't just "scream". She will step up allows handling and likes interaction. Of the three I would say they all like attention, love to play, need lots of interaction and can be very loud. I definitely wouldn't recommend for a possible apartment bird and would suggest meeting any before purchasing as their temperments can differ between individual birds.
I do have a double yellow headed and have worked with several others. They are a very dominant type of bird and need someone with a strong personality. Not someone rough to them but able to be stern and controlling to work with their personality. They will test you any chance they get. If worked with and trained with the right person they are a great feathered friend. With a timid or uninformed owner they can be quite a handfull. Again they can be very loud. Alex will sit on his perch by the window and if he sees someone outside he will do a flock call at the top of his ear shattering voice and if that doesn't work he starts screaming FIRE FIRE which has lead to some interesting scenes. Again at least in my opinion not a possible apartment bird.

Eclectus-- Again this will depend on the individual bird and their training, temperment etc. We have had both quiet and extremely loud eclectus'. Scarlet can do the loudest scream you have heard and puts our toos to shame. She mainly does this if she hasn't gotten her breakfast on time or hasn't been visited by her favorite volunteer that day but still can be quite shattering. Now we have also had in recently both Vinnie and Lady and they were both quieter (except for flock calls) Their personalities have differed. Vinnie and Scarlet are both cuddlers and love attention being held or played with. Lady was more of a loner and would step up but would rather play on her stand, the playgym or her cage and not be handled as much.

Macaw- Yellow collared, Severe, Illegers -- Have worked with both yellow collared and severe but not illegers. The two severes I have recently worked with were a bit more nippy, not as loud as the above birds and playful but not cuddly. They did have somewhat loud calls when startled or as a wake-up but not on the level of the amazons or eclectus. If you are wanting a playmate type of bird but not a cuddler either of these types would probably be more fitting. I have known several people with them in apartments but have also had surrenders because they were too loud in an apartment so again will dependon the bird or even possibly how thick apartment walls are LOL! The yellow collared I have in now is a little clown. He loves to go hopping across the floor and chase toys. He will crawl up on my lap and bury his head under my hand for scritches and if not paying enough attention will give a hard little nip before running off again.

African Grey These are one of my favorites but are definitely not for everyone. If you are prone to any allergies I would advise against them. You wouldn't believe how many surrenders we have had due to allergies. They are a quieter bird although they can learn to repeat most any noise and the louder more startling the noise the better. Lewy was around kids playing video games a lot and loves to give loud bomb blasting noises and car crash noises right in the middle of phone calls. If you can provide enough attention, toys, care for this type of bird and they are cared for well to prevent boredom they may work in an apartment setting. They need a calmer caretaker (at least in my opinion) they have a tendency towards being skittish although not all are and seem to gravitate towards calmer owners instead of more hyper outgoing owners. That doesn't mean one wouldn't work with a more strongwilled owner they just may have more personality clashes. I have heard many people say they make great family birds but through experience I would say they are more of a one person bird. They may accept more people in a family but will usually bond to one and ignore the rest.

I have heard of many species of birds moving from houses into apartments with no problems but also get many surrenders for the same reason so I can't say with any finality that this type of bird will work great in only a house or even in an apartment but out of the ones you mentioned if an apartment is a possibility in the future I think I would gravitate more towards the yellow collared macaw or the african grey depending on which is more fitting your personality. At a guess from what you have said the macaw seems more your style. They may not be the large macaws but they do still have the larger macaw personality in the smaller bird body (not that they are tiny birds but you get my meaning). You might also check out a bit more on the caique or some of the conure family. They also seem to have the clowning personality of bigger birds while having the adaptability of a smaller bird. Whichever you choose do your research and of course always ask more questions!!


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