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Raising Boer Goats

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Posted by: raisinggoatsguide at Thu Mar 18 07:25:08 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by raisinggoatsguide ]  

Boer goats are considered as the true meat-producing goat breed. The originated from South Africa and are brought into the US in the early 1900’s. Because of the high demand for it meat, many goat farms are deciding to raise goats for meat production and the breed of choice is the Boer goats.

Why Boer Goats?

Boers are adaptable, hardy and are very easy to take care and handle. You can settle for simple structures to provide shelter for your goats against the various elements. Raising Boer goats is real easy as they can comfortably live in the heat of the sun even at 90 to 100 degree temperatures. These breeds have darkly pigmented skin under a white fur that reduces risks of getting sun burned. Raising Boer goats also need not to be selective of housing or shelters during colder months because they can sleep outside even at 10 degrees only. Boer goats also are not very much interested with jumping over fences compared to dairy goats. They have a quieter temperament and any type of mesh fencing that is about 3 to 4 feet tall will confide Boers in.

The Demand for Goat Meats

Goat meat is being consumed by more than 80 percent of the world’s population. It has a lower fat content compared with beef or lamb. This is why goat meat popularity in the US has grown dramatically. One of the reasons for this may be the improved taste of Boer meat goats. Adding just about 50 percent of Boer bloodlines to other goat meat produces a mild, tender, light red meat which easily absorb any seasoning that cooks can try.

Raising Boer goats ensure you that your goats also have a rapid growth rate which makes it possible for kids to be ready for market sooner than the other breeds. Customers pay premium prices for young Boer goat meats because of their apparent tenderness and distinct flavor.

Starting to Raise Boer Goats

This is one step that overwhelms many potential goat farmers – how to get started. A herd of meat goats should include a Boer or a Boer cross buck and a lot of dairy, Spanish as well as mixed breed does that you intend to raise. Buying goat should be made from reputable breeders rather than picked out from stock yard auctions. A lot of farmers realize that the loss from animal diseases bought from stock yards are greater than the lowered prices of the animal bought. Then make sure that your Boer or Boer cross buck is ready. In some cases, bloodlines may not be important in the meat herd, however papers are important to ensure that you receive what you have paid for and that you keep a great resale value of your buck.

If you intend to raise just a few animals for breeding rather than have large herd, be sure to know the breeder that you will be buying your breeds from. Do not purchase stocks from some trucks that are just passing along. Have a pedigree certificate or pedigree application in with you when you are leaving your farm with your animal. In buying and raising Boer goats, farmers should also know more about programs for disease control and consciously check the status of the whole herd. Also ask breeder to show you related animals in their mature state and be sure to get a guarantee in your purchase in case the Boer you got is a non-breeder. Raising Boer goats is fun and they can be loving animals as well.

Valik Rudd is fascinated on the subject of goat gifts. He enjoys learning a lot of information about this subject by interviewing goat farmers and by reading about it. Check out his Goat ebook at:

Raising Goats Guide


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