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I miss my tabby

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Posted by: tastypineapple04 at Wed Oct 13 22:17:40 2004  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by tastypineapple04 ]  

I have grown up with this one cat all through my life and leaving her has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Just about 2 months ago I left for college and said my final good-byes to my two cats, Tazzy (the tabby/mynx mix) and Missy (siamese/? mix). Missy is still a kitten and she is my sister's cat and we're not too close so lets just leave her out Anyways, when I was probably about 4 years old, I found this adorable tabby kitten completely abandoned in a bed of flowers in our yard. Being 4, I picked her up and took her too my room and hid her from my (allergic to cats) mother. The kitten lived with me in my room for nearly 2 months as I fed her milk and tuna (again I was 4, I knew nothing). My mother came up to my room one day due to an annoying stench and found my kitten on my bed sleeping. She immedietly freaked out and demanded to know where I got her. My mother couldn't believe how I kept the kitten alive all this time. She took care of the kitten until it was old enough to be set out on its own, since she could tell it was part of a wild species of cats and could be dangerous.
Over the time of her nursing it back to health, she began to notice she wasn't sneezing. She wasn't allergic to this cat. Even knowing this, she made me set the cat out on it's own when it was big enough. I of course cried...but sneakely still fed it behind mother's back..hehehehe. The tabby stuck around of couse and rather than I adopting her, she adopted us you could say. We eventually invited her in and from that day on she has been apar of the family. We love that cat more than anything, she's like a sister to me. She'd follow me to school when I'd walk, she'd snuggel up with me and lick my fingers until i fell asleep, and she watched out for her family. She was very dominate, the biggest cat on the block. My father said she ruled the block, all the cats bowed down to her.
She earned the name Tazzy because my father always called her "a tabby" and I was like 4 or 5 and just repeated after him but said Tazzy. She is such a unique cat, i miss her alot. It's hard living so far away from her. She's my baby, my friend, my companion. Thank god I'll be moving in with my boyfriend next year so we'll be in a house where she ca nhopefully live with me. The dorms (which im currently in) don't allow pets. I miss her alot and it's hard not to have a pet to temporarily take her place. I love her and miss her, and it hurts to go home to visit then leave her all over again. I'm afraid I'm missing out on her life, and her life span is about 20 years so I'm afraid I'll miss out on being there for her when she needs me most. We left kinda on bad terms too. After getting the new kitten she's been very jelous and territorial and been negative towards me, almost mad. I didn't want to leave her like that but i had to, im so sad....depressed really. if this story relates or touches anyone, please resond....i need all the friends i can get right now.


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