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RE: I'm about to give up on her

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Posted by: birmangirl at Tue Nov 2 21:06:37 2004  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by birmangirl ]  

I have never heard of Buspar... I will ask my vet. I am serious about keeping her as I made that commitment to her when I adopted her. I am concerned that if I give her up for adoption another family may have the same problems that I am having, but not be as patient or as understanding as I have been... It's actually more stressful of a situation then it seems...
I'm not too convinced the Feliaway will work since it's supposed to mimic "happy scents" Calista sleeps on my bed, she cuddles on my bed... she will even sleep where she peed the previous night (after being cleaned) so I don't think she gives a hoot about "happy smells" This lil kitty is givin me a run for my money!

Posted by: PHMadameAlto at Tue Nov 2 20:53:59 2004 [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ]

It sounds like Calistra does have a behavioral problem.

Have you talked to the vet about using Buspar? This often works better than Prozac for marking behaviors. Calistra is probably marking your bedding to show the other cats that you are HERS!

Give the Rescue Remedy and the Comfort Zone plug-in a try and see if things improve. If you are serious about keeping her, an animal behaviorist might be able to help you. Talk to your vet about a recommendation.

It just might be that Calista needs to have a home where she is the only cat. This happens. If so, giving her up to a no-kill shelter or to another adoptive family might be the kindest thing you could do for her.

>>The story is as follows:
>> I wanted to adopt a nice, social cat to keep my others company... and then there was Calista. Calista is a 2yr old stray that I got from a local shelter. The shelter grossly misrepresented her and claimed she was social, liked other animals, and was an otherwise 'normal' cat. At the time I adopted her she was 10 months old, so fairly set in her ways already. After having her home I realized she was skitish, afraid of EVERYTHING, and really didn't appreciate having other cats around... she is down right mean. I called the shelter concerned about her behavior and it was only then that they told me she was an abuse rescue... which explains the skitish, and that she was then put on the street which explains the other cat on my turf mantality...
>> So now I have at 2 years old, a skitish, mean to my other cats, but otherwise a complete love... that pees on my bed! She pees on my bed if I am gone for more then a day. She pees on my bed if she feels like she isn't getting enough attention... she pees on my bed for whatever reason. I have gone through countless mattresses, sheets, and even pillows! I use Natures Miracle, and I scrub and air out my mattress... however this being the 3rd day in a row I am out of blankets, out of pillows and pretty peeved that I have to sleep on my couch all because she has choosen my bed as her pee spot.
>> She only urinates, never deficates on my bed it is driving me nuts. I really do not have the patience for this type of behavior. I have tried everything I know of, the vet even tried putting her on prozac -it didn't help. It is not a health issue, it's strictly behavior. I have recently strongly considered putting her up for adoption or taking her to a non-kill shelter. I do not have the money to continue buying new bedding... and now a new mattress because this one has been peed on so many times. I do not have the energy to continue sleeping on a love seat and trying to work full time... this is my last resort. I love my kitty, I HATE her behavior! I don't want to have to give her up, any suggestions? I'm at my wits end with Calista! P.S. her photo is enclosed (isn't she so cute!)


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