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My Trio of Bad Behaviored Kitties

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Posted by: BlackHeartNY at Sun Jan 4 07:49:30 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by BlackHeartNY ]  

OK, where do I start? I own 5 cats and I have been fostering 4 other cats for pretty close to a year now. Three of my own five have, for the past few months, been on a rampage.

My first little problem is "Smokey," a black-smoke DSH male who has owned me for 5 years now. Smokey is neutered and has been for quite some time. However, he tries to "rule the roost" and sprays on my walls and carpeting when he gets a little ticked off. Smokey has a problem with one of my other problems, Sambuca. When Smokey doesn't want Sambuca in the same place as he is, he will "chase" her out.

My second little problem is "Spot Vampiress," a black DSH spayed female who will be 2 years old come this April. She's got a problem with one of my fosters, who is female and sweet as pie. I don't know why this problem arose because Spot and Bella got along for a very long time. Spot just hates her and "stalks" her whenever she sees her. She will chase Bella around my house until she can corner her and beat her up and I come along and break it up. At first I thought perhaps the problem arose with Spot because Bella (my foster) wasn't spayed. I had Bella spayed in December 2008, but the problem has continued and I am now at a loss as to what to do about it.

My third little problem is "Sambuca." Sambuca is a 7 year old spayed Bengal Female. She is my "very growly" old maid - LOL. She just hates 99% of my other cats, especially Smokey. The one cat she does get along with is my 8 year old spayed female, Saki. Sambuca will growl and be testy with all the other cats and has taken to peeing on most everything in my house - my bed, the couch, every corner of every rugged room, even the counters and tiled area in my kitchen.

I have had each of my problem kits looked at by a Vet. There are no "physical" signs that something is wrong, so I am assuming it is "behavioral." I have done everything I possibly can to prevent them from fighting and peeing all over the place. I have tried many things for the pee problem. Special cat litters, "Urine Gone" to remove the urine smells, I've even blocked off areas that seem to be "favorite spots" with carpet runner placed upside down so that the points are facing up - and even STILL - Sambuca will pee all over that! I have tried Feliway (which is expensive and a waste of money in my opinion). I have tried Bach Flower Essences (Rescue Remedy) - also expensive and didn't work. I am so upset, I just don't know what to try or do anymore. I do know that the behaviors cannot continue and I'd really love some suggestions from anyone out there who has had similar problems in their past and have found a solution. I really don't want to put my cats on "drugs," nor can I afford this. There is no where in my home where I can "separate" them. They already have their favorite places, yet when one steps into the other's "territory" is when the you-know-what hits the fan - LOL.

Please, if anyone can pass on any suggestions, it would be tremendously appreciated.


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