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RE: 4-5 month old just spayed, now won't eat or drink...

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Posted by: PHMadameAlto at Mon Aug 15 20:37:46 2005  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHMadameAlto ]  

Poor baby! It could indeed have been the surgery that has triggered this reaction. It sounds like you are on top of the situation with frequent vet monitoring.

You may need to have the vet do a full blood work up measuring liver and kidney levels. Keep trying to feed her treats in the meantime.

Watch for signs of dehydration - if you pick up the skin on the back of her neck and it stays put and doesn't return to normal you need to get her to an emergency vet ASAP.

Don't let up on bugging the vets. Something is not going right and you need to find out what it is.

I hope the kitty gets well soon! Keep us posted!

>>Hello All,
>>My wife and I have had a kitten since the 1st of June and just recently (this past Tuesday) had her spayed and her second set of shots done. We kept her from eating the morning before the surgery and by the time she got home was as expected very hungry. We may of made a mistake because we let her eat her fill, instead of limiting it as I've now read. That was Tuesday Thursday we began to notice that she wasn't eating normally. And after a closer watch we learned that she wasn't eating at all in our presence, nor drinking from her water fountain that we have for her. On Friday afternoon she threw up a bit of clear substance. Then on Saturday afternoon she threw up a yellowish substance. We then quickly decided that the non-eating / drinking along with the throwing up was signs of something that wasn't getting better on it's own. We took her into the vet on Saturday afternoon. The vet checked her stitches, which looked fine she said and took her temperature. Which was also fine we were told. We had her de-wormed while there and they ran a Leukemia test which was also negative.
>>She seems to be progressively returning to more of her normal self, she is playful and aggressive. And seems to have more energy than we would think for not eating. (she weighed 4 lbs 11 oz. btw)
>>The vet gave us a special canned type of food to give her. She wouldn't eat it though. We bought some Baby Food and she seemed a bit more interested in that. Ate very little on her own though. She would lick some off my finger but that didn't last long either. We decided to try to use a syringe and have given that to her 3 times now with a mixture of the baby food (sans onion powder) and the food from the vet. She puts up quite the fight every time though.
>>Not really sure what to do. She seems pretty much fine except for the non-eating also drinking VERY little but a few laps here and there. She has passed some stool and is peeing a bit. So we don't think she has a blocked intestine or CRF.....going to call the vet back tomorrow and I guess have her blood work done and see what that shows.
>>Just a very frustrating and worrisome time for us. Going to call back the clinic that performed the surgery again and see what they say. Everyone seems to try to not link her condition to the operation. All I know is she was fine going in...and now she's not.
>>If anyone has any suggestions or ideas PLZ let us know! Neither one of us have had a cat since we were kids, so we're not experts at all...though we are trying to learn all we can now from vets to the internet
>>Anyway, Thank you for listening! Hopefully we'll have "Asha" back to normal soon! She's a Brown/Black Tabby btw, very high spirited and beautiful
>>Best Regards,
>>Stu & Heidi & Asha
Smile, it will make them wonder what you are up to!


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