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A sign or just coincidence

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Posted by: qtkitty at Sat Mar 27 22:43:02 2004  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by qtkitty ]  

I have been having a terrible month with my fiance being in a 7 week program for alchoholism, his ex going for custody, and things breaking left and right here.

The night before the custody hearing i was coming home and sitting in the middle of our drive way looking rather confused was a cat .. we live back in the woods from the other houses around. I thought it very odd because he didn't run, usually strays in the area high tail it. So i opened my window and said here kitty kitty .. and he ran into the woods about 5 ft away from my door and started rubbing against the trees which any cat that stayed close enough when i stoped the cat ran for the hills when i opened my window .. so i was completely shocked!!

So i turned off the car and got out and ... this scared him a little bit and he took off maybe 10 ft.. i walked down the drive way and there he was .. i put my hand out and said here kitty kitty and he came right up to me and wrapped around my legs rubbing and lovin on me.. i picked him up fully thinking i would find a collar on him. There was none.

I brought him the rest of the way home and put him in the middle bedroom with food, water, and a litter box. In the light i was able to see him better, his ears are in a terrible mess with gunk in them and blood from where he has scratched at them obviously. I think he either has ear mites or an ear infection or both!! * sighs * He also has a spot behind his ear where he had a big scrape or scratch that was about 1 inch or more by 1/2 an inch . His poor little toes are cracked and sore, but not bleeding and they look like they are healing. It looks like he was thrown from a car and we live about 100 to 200 ft from a road where a lot of people throw unwanted things. He is obviously an un spayed male cat that is well under a year old. I am not allowing him around the other animals in the house because of the probuble ear mites and because we have a female cat who is in heat right now.

But the thing that really shocks me i rescued a cat when i lived in MD with my mother that looks exactly like this cat!!! The only difference is that this cat doesn't have the white belly, but the face is exact !! The cat in MD i named Macavity ( which he fully lives up to that name *lol* ), but when i found him he was just a kitten about week past weening which i found across the street from the gas station i was working at at the time. That cat had been thrown from a car as well. Its toes were cracked and sore and it had scuff marks from where it had rolled.

The day of the custody hearing we got a continuance, and i picked up the youngest Brittany only from school, while the other two stayed with their grandmother. We seperated them because the youngest isn't sure where she wants to go and is terribly confused. Her sisters have also been calling her names and being horrible to her because she isn't acting like them and acting out to go with their mother. Their mother the night before had told them that she was going to get custody and that they were going to her house and then friday they were not going to school so they could all have a long weekend to celebrate.

Anyway Brittany was rather upset when i brought her home, i told her about the cat and she went back to look. When she went in there the cat came right up to her and rubbed against her and she picked it up and hugged is and it purred. It's the first time i have seen her really smile and laugh in a while because of everything thats been going on. She named the cat Pumpkin. She made him a bed and made sure he had food and water and sat in there talking to him for atleast a half hour. I had left the two of them alone, since i knew this cat was such a lover and wouldn't hurt her.

When she came out she was in a much better mood and it was like old times. We had dinner and watched some tv and she checked on the cat several times. When it was time for bed she asked if she could sleep with the cat, i of course said not tonight because of the ear mites ( i don't want them all over the house).

I don't know if this cat was a sign, coincidence, or an angel here to help us through a tough time, but the cat is truely amazingly loving and forgiving to Brittany which tends to try and hold cats in odd baby doll fasion ( he even seemed to love it ) I am trying to find a way to keep this cat, but i dont see one right now, we are on a SUPER limited budget with everything thats been going on although in a month or two we should be back to normal, but the cat needs to be tested for feluke, have his ears looked, have its shots, get spayed before i can allow it to be with the other animals in the house. My fiance said no to keeping it because of not being able to afford the vet bill right now. But im keeping my hopes up and trying to get a hold of our local humane society to see if they can help in any way.


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