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Sharon Moore Caramel Boa History:

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Posted by: boaphile at Mon Oct 30 15:17:15 2006   [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by boaphile ]  

A little history on the Sharon Moore or Boa Woman Caramel Boas:

Sharon produced the very first one of these babies back in 1986. That was 20 years ago! The same year I first produced my first litter of baby Boas. Sharon had already been producing Boas for years at that time. She really is the pioneer in Boa breeding having done so farther back than anyone I know of that has been continuously engaged in this passion. Anyhow, the first animal popped up in 1986. You have to remember that we had no idea what a morph was let alone had any of us at the time identified anything as such. There were no Motleys. No Anerythristics, at least not identified yet as such. Nothing fancy. Colombian Boas were all we had. Sharon and I had not met yet. In fact I didn't know anyone else that kept any Boas at that time except the one fellow I had purchased "Big Momma" from in 1985. I digress. This is really the story of Sharon Moore and the Caramel animals produced so far only by Sharon alone.

Of course Sharon kept this one pretty baby and later bred it as an adult. A single female I believe if memory serves me correctly. This female had a few more, "light phase" babies as Sharon called them. This was about the time that I had made Sharon's acquaintance in about 1992 or so. In fact Sharon sent me photographs of some of these babies. I didn't know what they were either. It was obvious something different was happening but what exactly? Sharon was quietly making a few more here and a few more there through the 90's.

In 2001 Sharon produced a litter of these from a female "light phase" animal. Most of those babies were sold and the single male I own is one of those babies. The mother of the first litter of Paradigm Boas, produced by Mike of "Basically Boas" fame, was also born in this litter of 2001. Sharon advertised these babies as "hypos". Clearly they are at least that. Not the same kind of Hypo that most are more familiar with but Hypo nonetheless. At least Hypo and perhaps a different type of T-Positive animal in it's own right. A simple recessive trait too. We know that breeding a Sharon Moore Caramel to a Sharp Albino yielded all Paradigm Boas. We do not know, for a fact, exactly how further breedings will all play out in the future. But we who have these animals are certainly looking forward to making lots more Paradigm Boas. Pastel Paradigms. Hypo Paradigms. Motley Paradigms. Arabesque Paradigms. Monster Tail Paradigms... the list goes on and on. Caramel Hypos. Caramel Albinos and Caramel ??? too!

Sharon was good enough to dig up a bunch of old photographs of baby Caramels she had taken through the years. I have posted those below here as well as some pictures of a litter of hets we were fortunate to produce here earlier this year.

Here are some of Sharon's Photographs:

An old photo of some babies:

Another photo:

A more recent picture:

Another shot:

Another shot:

Another shot:

These are several of the babies from the 2001 litter Sharon produced:

I was fortunate to have a litter of het for Caramel babies earlier this year myself. Some will remember this picture:

I had found this one baby upside-down wrapped around his Mother pre-birth waxy stool. Here is that stool after I removed this one birthed-early baby:

Here is the rest of the litter a couple days later as I found them:

I did not know yet about the Paradigm Boa recipe as Mike was keeping his project to himself until the time was right. Atta boy Bigg Mike!

This is a picture of the single baby after I removed him from the turd:

Here he is now several months later:

I am really looking forward to the future with this project making lots more new combinations. The number of possibilities just seems endless. I can't wait to make a few of these myself...

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