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Boa Breeding Survey or Theory is Done. Here it is, take it as you will? .Part One

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Posted by: madisonrecords at Wed Apr 27 13:17:42 2005   [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by madisonrecords ]  

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank the Breeders and Importers that helped with this and for those who did not, Oh well. First of all, I am not a Scientist and I have no great looking graphs to show and I have never won a Spelling Bee, but what I do have is Common Sense and I have tried to apply Common Sense to these ideas that I have been working on for a good while now. You guys and gals, may or may not find this interesting, but regardless I think enough of at least most of you to share it. Most of this info was put together as it concerns B.C.C. " especially Suriname and or Guyana Shield Localities " wich still tends to be the hardest to breed in captivity. Some of you may think; " Well, John there is alot of those particular Localities being produced these days almost to the point of too much surplus. " Yes, you would be somewhat right if some of you are thinking this, BUT it is not necessarily because we are starting to " break the breeding code" it is mainly because, there are much more of us out there breeding than ever before. Some of you may think, " Well, John look at Tudehope or Miller or Futo or Barrie ect. ect. these guys are some of the best at breeding B.C.C. " My answer to that would be, sure they are, BUT not even they are producing what they are capable of. I have said this many times before; " If you try to breed lets say 20 females and have litters from lets say 6 of them, you had a good year no doubt, BUT your percentages still kinda suck. When you produce from 15 of the 20, and do it consistently every season that you try to breed them, then I will be the very first one in line to buy your Boa Breeding Handbook!Now, it is almost baffling, when we are trying to figure out what causes B.C.C. to breed " consistently " how many of you guys and gals have had perfectly healthy pairs together and done everything that the " experts " have told you to do and seen nothing? How many of you guys and gals have had perfectly healthy pairs together and have watched them breed like wild fire for months on end and never see ovulation and still get nothing? How many of you guys and gals have had perfectly healthy pairs together and never see them breed the first time and Lo and Behold, you actually get ovulation and a healthy litter and you cannot see why? I have seen all of these scenarios and it is MIND BOGGLING!! So,were is my great information? Well, here it is and it is pretty simple when you use the process of ellimination, in conjunction with the info that I put together using outside sources and my own experiances. Done in questions. It has been said, females need to have a good amount of weight in order to be successfull producers, is this true? No, it is not. I seen pregnant females at the importers that were 4 and 5ft long and 6 or 7 pounds dropping large litters of babies. The smallest that I ever witnessed was a BARELY 4ft Guyana that had 22 beautiful babies. The importers that I talked to, agree that these small females having babies are more common than not.It has been said, females need to have alot of age on them in order to be good producers, is this true? Yes, for the most part, I believe as well as others that, age is more important than size and slow raised females who have alot of age and not alot of size, will be your better producers and definately more long lived, BUT that still does not break the code. Now, I will make another post for Part Two........Johnson Herp


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