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Forum Rules, Help, & Other Information

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Posted by: PHWyvern at Thu Jul 19 19:59:53 2007  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by PHWyvern ]  

This sticky-note message is intended to be a helper's guide for gecko owners or those new to the forum. The contents of this message will be updated periodically as needed. Please do not reply to this post (replies will be removed). If you have questions or comments, please start a new thread or contact the PetHobbyist Forum Coordinator. Thank you.

Welcome to the Day Gecko Forum

This forum is intended for discussion, entertainment, and community purposes only. We make no claims of accuracy about any information you might find posted by others here. Readers rely on any information posted on our sites at their own risk.

This forum is moderated. The job of the moderators is to enforce our rules (Terms of Service: Everyone who registers with this website signs an agreement to follow/abide by our site rules. If you have not already done so, please take the time to review our Terms of Service. This document also contains information on how to report abuses and how to go about appealing actions that may have been taken against your user account.

Forum FAQ:

Users who are new to this site may want to read through the Forum FAQ page to learn tips on how to use the various features on our discussion forums. Forum FAQ:

Gecko Resources:

Discussion Forum
The Day Gecko forum is a gathering place for enthusiasts to hold open discussions pertaining to aspects and issues regarding the keeping, breeding, health, and conservation of various gecko species. In addition to this forum, there are several other gecko forums you may wish to visit:

- Geckos: General
- Geckos: Crested
- Geckos: Fat-tailed
- Geckos: Leopard
- - Leopard Gecko: Color Morphs & Genetics
- - Leopard Gecko: Health, Diet & Breeding
- - Leopard Gecko: Housing & Enclosures
- Geckos: Tokay
- Geckos: Uroplatus

Our site hosts and/or provides links to various online articles covering a wide range of reptile and amphibian topics where additional information may be found: Feature Pages, Articles, & Care Sheets. If you have a non-commercial, content based page/care sheet you would like hosted or added to that page, contact our Features Editor.

Chat rooms
Reptile and amphibian enthusiasts can chat live in the Chat Room. The chat room is open 24/7. Browse the schedule for upcoming hosted (moderated) chats.

Photo Sharing
Registered users of this site are given 10mb of FREE photo gallery space to store your photos online. Use the same username/login that you use for the discussion forums to log into the Photo Gallery and upload your photos. Additional space can be purchased if needed.
- Gecko Photo Gallery

Pet Loss & Grief Support
It's hard losing a pet. Our online pet community provides Pet Loss & Grief Support for those who need it (this site also contains discussion forums and scheduled chats).

Other Stuff

* Announcements for upcoming events may be posted in our Events & Show Announcements Forum. You can also find information about upcoming shows on our Events page.


* Please remember, that advertising is NOT permitted on our discussion forums. All types of advertising properly belong in our Classified Forums. Any post deemed to be of an advertising nature will be removed when found by the moderators or when reported to the site coordinator by another user.

* Please do NOT post "wanted" or "looking for" ads on our discussion forums. If you are looking for or inquiring about breeders of animals or companies that sell supplies, please check out the SPONSOR LINKS at the top of the Gecko forum as well as browse through our extensive list of Commercial pages.

* Please do NOT post any "adoption" or "free to good home" type ads on the discussion forums. If you are a pet owner with an unwanted pet, check out our adoption pages for organizations that can assist in placing the animal. You can also use the rescue/shelter locator below to try to find an organization located near you.

Rescue Groups: check out our RescueNetwork page and apply to have your group listed with us. We provide our Rescue locator listing service and adoption classified listing service only to groups and organizations that agree to abide by our code of ethics.

- Adoption at:
- Rescue Group / Shelter Locator

* Can't find what you are looking for? Forgot your password or need help of a technical sort? Perhaps you can find what you need here: Feedback & Help Page.


Edited on July 19, 2007 at 20:09:25 by PHWyvern.


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