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non herbivorous feeding in Corucia

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Posted by: pilirin at Sat Feb 9 14:13:19 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by pilirin ]  

Leeway Corucia Research Center (LCRC)


There has been much buzz talk lately on alternate feeding strategies on feeding Corucia whether it be fears of improper diet after neonate losses or whatever.

There is still much to learn about Corucia but from a scientific approach, here is some research data and scientific anatomic information that may aid in avoiding a tragic mistake. (such as the prey compromising the Corucia or the prey becoming the predator). One does not want an introduced food source to dominate the enclosure.

There is no question that Corucia zebrata (underlined) has evolved towards a complete herbivorous diet. The fact that one of their native food source is Pothos iPothos L. (Araceae-Pothoeae) This plant has evolved survival toxin strategies in that most animals (including humans) will get very sick in consuming leaves of this plant. Corucia has evolved the means to combat this and can safely digest Pothos. Indeed this a great marker of digestion time as if one gives pothos to Corucia, their urine will be a brick red as a result instead of clear as with other foods consumed.If one gives Corucia pothos alone, the digestion time can be easily traced in the above method,. This can be valuable in tracing digestion from relation to an earlier post. Especially, in a comprised Corucia compared to the accepted norm, this may be beneficial in saving a health poor individual.

Based on this elaborate orientation towards digesting pothos, Yes , Corucia is a largely, herbivorous species and should be recognized as such.

On the other hand, Corucia zebrata (underlined) shares many characteristics with Hemisphaeriodon gerradi (underlined) - the pink tongue skink and Hemisphaeriodon gerradi (underlined) may be Corucia's nearest living relative (Walls - 1996). Hemisphaeriodon gerradi is a land snail feeder, has a prehensile tail, is a rain forest dweller (SENI .11 -Schnirel 2004), and is crespuscular. Corucia zebrata (underlined) shares these last three traits. Corucia has a SENI value of .17 (Schnirel -2004). Hemisphaeridon seems to have a strongly developed ligamentous sheet and a weakly developed quadratojugal ligament (Herral - 1998) as does Corucia zebrata (underlined) for extreme biting power. To crack the calcarious shell of a land snail would require a strong, concentrated bite. The strong Quadratojugal ligament gives Corucia, the ability to give an intensive, very painful bite. From personal experience, A bite from a Corucia is a new definition of pain. Especially from the big guys ( spp- Corucia zebrata alfredschmidti - the North Solomons monkey skink). Corucia zebrata (underlined) has the strong ligamentous sheet originating from the both the base of the quadrate and the dorsal side of the articulate bone (Herrel- 1998). This sheet extends anterodorsally to merge with the dermal layer of the skin at the level of the temporal region, which contains closely interconnected osteoderms (Herral - 1998) . A similar construction was described for Eumeces (Iordansky -1996) . The largest muscles in Corucian jaws in terms of weight and mass are the adducutor mandiibulae externus superficilias and pterygoideus lateralis. Both Corucia and Hemisphaeriodon are relatively arboreal in ecological niche classification - a rarity among skinks . Both Corucia and Hemisphaeriodon gerrardi (Underlined) measure .11 SENI (Schnirel, 2004) . Which puts the species in the semi-arboreal niche. Corucia zebrata (underlined) is in the high canopy arboreal niche .17 SENI ( Schnirel, - 2004). Off all the extant members of the Scincidae, Hemisphaeridon gerrardi (underlined) and Corucia zebrata (undelined), these two species have the closest SENI values. Both live geographically next door to one another. Hemisphaeriodon gerradi (undelined) live in rain forests along the southeast coast of Australia and Corucia zebrata (underlined) hails from from the Solomon Islands Archipelago. Both are high humidity species with noted climbing ability -with noted climbing ability. Both produce young by viviparous matrotrophy (a reptilian placenta is produced). In he course of evolution, a Scincidae species or two took to the trees to seek a new food source, In the course of time, evolved, not only into new species, but also a new Genus.

Distantly, apart, could Corucia be still considered a potential gastropod (snail) feeder? The Question remains.

Bottomline, Be oooohh so careful in introducing animal food sources into an established Corucia Circulus enclosure -if you really think you need to go there.. It could be a pathway of regret.

Brian L. Schnirel


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