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Newbie-Iguana Care-Help Please

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Posted by: FutureBoaBreeder at Fri Nov 21 15:38:57 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FutureBoaBreeder ]  

Hey guys,
First off let me say that im not even that big a fan of iguanas. When it comes to lizards, monitors are my usual choice. (own two yellow ackies)... i did own an iguana when i was very young.

I went into a pet shop today to buy rats for the boas and was checking out the reptiles, and in one tank there were 3 small iquanas and one dragon. On the tank a sign said "recouperating bearded dragon not for sale." The dragon housed with the iguanas supposedly was given to the pet shop for free because the owners didnt know how to take care of him. He was in really bad shape.

The two siblings of the one i bought also looks in less then tip top shape, one of them looking as bad as the dragon-was curled up in the corner, and didnt even bother to scurry or even so much as turn his head in any form of alertness when i picked him up.

The one i have now scurried like crazy and even when i got a hold of him starting threatening to bite me... lol-i found it pretty cute, and even though hes a pretty jumpy and untrusting little guy, hes calmed down.

I didnt know if what ever the bearded dragon had contracted could spread to the iguanas, but the way my iguanas siblings looked, i had my suspicions. It was just a bad habitat if u ask me, and even though iguanas arent exactly my bag, i felt since i have owned monitors, boas, pythons, dragons and have a bunch of cages laying around as well as i dont even know how many heat lamps, $20 to save this little dudes life wouldnt be so much a chore.

I also have a 8 foot long glass aquarium with a wooden top i built with 4 screen holes cut to hold heat lamps when he gets bigger.

Right now hes probobly a little over 12" from tip of nose to the tip of his tale. So hes still young id say. I would like opinions on temps, basking temps, humidity, diet, bedding, calcium requirments, UV(is UV really necisary? I've owned water monitors and ackie monitors with no UV and they've done great-but of course monitors/iguanas= apples/oranges.

Anyway just thought i'd post here because the kingsnake forums seem to be the most knowledgable on husbandry. I also know that these questions have been asked before and can be found in the archives, but this was an impulse buy... not because i wanted an iguana that bad- more so that i felt the conditions he was in were not adequet. And i need to get him rolling up to speed.

All help appreciated, thanks.


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