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RE: Handling

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Posted by: FutureBoaBreeder at Mon Dec 1 21:52:48 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FutureBoaBreeder ]  

Thanks cindy, well, as far as handling goes, i did start with him a little bit. I had a water monitor i bought from a reptile show... looked very sick. And i bought her and brought her home, checked out the husbandry, and set her up in a tank as fast as possible. Used all husbandry recommended by FR. She thrived, and i tried to work with her alot in the begining(three weeks after acclimation), but i have no doubt she was a wild caught that was probobly in extremely bad conditions before i got her.

She wasn't extremely thin, just looked a little slow and "seemed" tame at the time of purchase. I found out once she was healthy that she wasn't the happiest of lizards. I got bit by her a couples times and scratched. And I had noticed that everytime i would handle her she would hide and fast for a few days.

So i only attempted to handle her every 2 to 3 weeks. And tried to give her the oppurtunity to observe me doing something like reading a book in her room once a week, which she would always run, hide, come out, then hide again if i moved. Owned her for a total of about eight months(give or take), she looked healthy but never really ate like i would expect a water monitor to as i had read about them. She died out of know where, for no apparent reason at all, but, even to her last day she would scramble for her nearest tunnel anytime she so much as heard a sound.

So i guess thats why i had the same idea for this new ig, to simply let him be. It was the same approach i used with one of my ackies and hes not shy anymore. But yeah, I've noticed my monitor aproach need not be in this circumstance. This little ig appears more like an aggresive bearded dragon then anywhere near my ackies or the water monitor.

I agree with you that 'most' lizards need work, but, i disagree about monitors. Maybe the water i owned would have gained more confidence with size like my ackie. But, she was so stubborn i know if i had tried to handle her on a regular basis she would have nearly starved to death. And even though i had left her alone and would sneak down to see her thriving under the basking light, she was the first monitor i owned and left a huge impression on me when it comes to anti-social lizards.

But yeah, this guys doing fine with handling, is less skittish and still eating. If he stopped eating, however, i would probobly put off handling for at least a month until he starts again. I'm just very cautous with handling animals that dont want to be handled due to the water monitor experience.


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