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RE: Iguana closing eyes

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Posted by: FutureBoaBreeder at Mon Dec 1 19:17:32 2008  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by FutureBoaBreeder ]  

Like i said, I'm a monitor man, not too much knowledge on iguanas. So advice from anyone else here is good advice... you can't force handle monitors if their truly stubborn, and I have gained their trust easier by letting them observe me without intruding. But again, Igs aren't monitors and i doubt their that stubborn either.(just from what i've noticed so far with my new ig, as well as my ig i owned as a child)

So check out the recommended books-my only advice when your taking steps to calm her down is to find ways when handling to cause as little stress as possible(kind of broad-but if done with close attention this works best for all reptiles--especially big lizards, they seem to remember those stressful situations very well). Pay extremely close attention to her when you take her out of her cage, when you come to her cage ect. Try to avoid any stressing on her IF POSSIBLE. Another thing is when you start handling her, if you really want to calm her, I would try to make handling as consistant as possible.

As long as she continues to eat, turn handling into a scheduled everyday activity if you can. When you handle her, try not to make too much eye contact if that seems to bother her. I just started handling my Ig, and hes young, and he hates me looking at him. This is true with many lizards. When i would come in the room of my nervouse ackie i would pretend he wasnt even there and eventually the curiosity got the best of him.

If you notice this with your ig, even though your holding her, try to make her feel like shes not the center of attention. Mine is getting better pretty quick-now he has his moments where my looking at him will make him nervous and other times where he doesnt seem to mind. Little things like that make a big impact in my opinion... the smaller the stress, the bigger the trust and the faster it comes. So, just check out as much as you can about what things you can avoid while handling her(as little as they may be) that might stress her out. Nothing can tell you more about your lizard then your lizard herself. By the way shes a real beauty, good luck with her.

And if you feel like it, post progress and specifics on how she reacts to the handling. I'm no Ig expert, but not to be vain, i can definitly call myself a very well informed person when it comes to handling reptiles in general. I learned very young with beardies, turtles, chameleons an iguana and a boat load of wild kingsnakes/fox snakes and rat snakes that wanted nothing but to bite my head off when i first caught them, only to become my neck apparel whithin a couple hours of the right handling.


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