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WTF not eating...I am very worried...

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Posted by: mom2twinsplus2 at Tue Nov 10 22:33:51 2009  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by mom2twinsplus2 ]  

Hi Everyone-

I am so glad to have found this forum. I have tried posting on a couple of other forums over the last few weeks and I have taken many of the suggestions from the other forums already but so far, nothing has worked at all.

I have a White's Tree Frog that I purchased at PetSmart close to a month ago. It is not a full grown WTF...or at least if it is, it would be a small one..but it is not a tiny baby either. It is probably around 3 inches but I am trying not to mess with it too much since things are not going well.

I have it housed in a 12 X12 X18 inch exoterra cage which was recommended to me at the store but I understand now is a bit small. I don't want to change the cage at the moment though and I have heard from many people who have used this cage for a whites without an issue. I will look into upgrading her later once I get whatever is going on with her figured out is bigger than her cage at the pet store was so I don't think the cage can be the primary issue anyhow.

She has fakes plants on two of the walls, a large corner water bowl, a bowl with her food in it on the other side and a flat piece of wood that she can climb on and hide under going across her cage. I started with reptile carpet in her cage, then had frog moss about a day and now have coconut bark (ecoearth) on the base of her cage. She has a lightbulb over her cage that is on during the day and off at night and a mini-zoo-med UTH on the side of her cage. Her cage is about 82 by day (hotter right opposite the UTH) and about 73 at night. Humidity is about 60%...I am misting a couple of time a day.

Since I got her, I don't think she has eaten at all...possibly one cricket but I think it got eaten by the other crickets. I have tried crickets, dubia roaches, superworms, meal worms, a night crawler ( was huge, died overnight and STUNK when it died), and now I have wax worms in there. I have been leaving food in there 24/7 in a deepish glass cereal bowl so the food can not get out and run around her cage.

At first, I figured it was relocation stress and no big deal....but it has been going on for weeks now and I was under the impression that getting White's to eat was not supposed to be hard at all.

It was suggested to me that I try soaking her in a pedialyte bath...10 parts water to 1 part unflavored pedialyte. I tried that tonight because I am getting desparate...she REALLY did not want to be in that water at all...climbed out and away as fast as she could...I put her in a few times to try to get some of the liquid on her but she seemed to hate it so and I really don't want to handle her or stress her anymore than I have to.

Oh, once I put in the ecoearth bedding...she buried herself for several days...I was told that was a sign of an unhappy she is up on the side of her cage all the time (not near the UTH though)...I hope that is a good sign of some sort but without eating, I am assuming she will die sooner or later and it is really awful to keep checking on her and wondering when.

Any ideas or advice about what I can do for her would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much!



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