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new member, new Chuckwalla Is she gravid

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Posted by: mart20 at Thu Apr 22 12:04:48 2010  [ Report Abuse ] [ Email Message ] [ Show All Posts by mart20 ]  

Hi everyone, My names Martin, I'm from the UK, I've been looking at this forum for a while and picked up loads of tips, thanks for those, but now I have a Chuckwalla I thought I'd better join lol. Any how, about 9 days ago I purchased a female Chuckwalla called Mable, I have been reasearching and searching for them for ages and I am planning on breeding them. I also have a male I purchased comeing this Sunday via reptile courier. Now the thing is this female was already with a male, infact there were 7 or 8 of them in the viv (6-7 female 1 male), any how, when I first got her she looked fairly thin, it was night time when I got her though and she was a bit cold as she had been asleep when I arrived. Any way the first day went ok she had a little bit to eat which I thought was really good as from what I've read they can be faddy eaters lol, and she has been eating more and more every day since and touch wood she's doing great so I must be doing something right lol. What I wanting to know though is about the fact that she looks lots larger now and lumps are showing on her stomach I'll try to add pictures, and you will see they are obvious, they seem to mainly show on her left side, and I'm thinking they can't be anything else other than eggs, what I'm hoping is that the male who she was with has already mated her and that the eggs are fertile, or that Trevor (the male that is comeing on Sunday) will get here in time to mate her. Sorry if I'm being a bit vague here, it's my first time lol, so I need to know if you think she has eggs? and as they started showing within a day or 2 of getting her how long before she lays them? also when should a male mate to fertilize them? before they start showing or around about now? I'm just trying to get an idea of if it is possible that the male she was with could have already done the job lol. Any how any info on what I've mentioned, how long it takes to lay/ hatch etc that would be great. I've already got as much info of here about incubatoin etc but I just need reashuring as to if she is gravid or not.

P.s, I've just scrolled down to see how to add pictures, but it says image URL, can anyone please tell me how to add pics first and then you can see what I'm talking about lol, cheers.
Thank you


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